Fuel Filter replacement Service

How lot does a Fuel Filter replacement cost?

On average, the expense for a Nissan Xterra Fuel Filter replacement is $109 through $15 for parts and also $95 for labor. Prices may vary depending on your location.

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CarServiceEstimateShop/Dealer Price
2003 Nissan XterraL4-2.4LService typeFuel Filter ReplacementEstimate$143.99Shop/Dealer Price$161.24 - $190.49
2004 Nissan XterraL4-2.4LService typeFuel Filter ReplacementEstimate$123.99Shop/Dealer Price$141.26 - $170.52
2003 Nissan XterraV6-3.3LService typeFuel Filter ReplacementEstimate$123.99Shop/Dealer Price$141.26 - $170.52
2003 Nissan XterraV6-3.3L TurboService typeFuel Filter ReplacementEstimate$123.99Shop/Dealer Price$141.24 - $170.48
2000 Nissan XterraV6-3.3LService typeFuel Filter ReplacementEstimate$123.99Shop/Dealer Price$141.27 - $170.55
2002 Nissan XterraV6-3.3LService typeFuel Filter ReplacementEstimate$123.99Shop/Dealer Price$141.26 - $170.52
2002 Nissan XterraL4-2.4LService typeFuel Filter ReplacementEstimate$128.99Shop/Dealer Price$146.12 - $175.28
2004 Nissan XterraV6-3.3L TurboService typeFuel Filter ReplacementEstimate$128.99Shop/Dealer Price$146.49 - $175.94

What is the fuel filter and how does the work?

The fuel filter is do of cellulose or synthetic-based filter media the traps extremely tiny contaminants, such as rust particles and dirt, existing in the fuel as it flows from the fuel tank to the fuel injectors. The filter media is sealed in ~ a cylindrical shaped housing that looks favor a small soda can. Friend will most often uncover the fuel filter plumbed into the high-pressure fuel supply heat beneath the car, right alongside a sturdy framework rail. Some fuel filters, particularly on diesel-powered vehicles, have water traps as well. Some newer cars execute not have serviceable fuel filters together the filter is constructed into the fuel pump located in the fuel tank.

When to consider replacing the fuel filter:

Scheduled maintenance. The most usual reason to adjust the fuel filter — your vehicle’s maintain schedule may specify a filter adjust interval. Fuel contamination. If any foreign fluids, bad fuel, or water enters into the fuel mechanism mistakenly, the fuel filter need to be replaced.Fuel device repairs. If the fuel pump has actually been replaced, work has been carry out on or in the gas tank, or the fuel injectors have actually been cleaned or replaced, constantly install a new fuel filter. Major engine repairs, or engine replacement, also require a new filter.Leaks. There need to be zero leakage the fuel, whether fluid or vapor, in the fuel system. Leaks at the fuel filter connections can necessitate not only a new fuel filter but also new O-rings in the push-on relations to the fuel filter.Warning irradiate indication. Diesel it is provided vehicles may be equipped with a water-sensor warning irradiate circuit to signal the driver if too much water has built up in the fuel filter. The water will have to be drained and the filter probably serviced or replaced.

How execute mechanics change the fuel filter?

A clogged fuel filter the is integral to the fuel pump have to be removed with the fuel pump native the fuel tank to carry out service.For all other vehicles, the procedure starts with raising the vehicle and also supporting it v steel jack stands.The fuel device is depressurized so the filter can be eliminated from the high-pressure fuel line without gas spraying out.The in-and-out connectors come the filter space removed and also the filter is removed from the fuel line.The new filter is set up using a small amount of oil on the O-rings to ease re-installation that the quick affix fittings. The fuel device is then confirm for leaks when the engine is running.

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Is it for sure to drive with a fuel filter problem?

Yes, so lengthy as the fuel filter is not leaking. If there is a leak, have actually it repaired prior to driving the car. If clogging is suspected and also potentially causing engine operation problems, have the cause investigated and also resolved at her earliest convenience. In too much cases, a really old filter that may be plugged might disintegrate, enabling what to be trapped contaminants to with the fuel injectors and also causing additional problems.

When replacing the fuel filter store in mind:

A plugged fuel filter deserve to be ruled out making use of pressure and also volume test on the fuel system. Given sufficient elapsed usage though, all fuel filter replacements should be done as basic maintenance, and also so complex tests room not necessary if the filter is currently known to it is in old.Consult the auto maintenance schedule to determine when to replace the fuel filter. If you have actually bought contaminated gas, when all fuel device repairs room made, constantly install a new filter.Gasoline is perishable and also will ultimately degrade into compounds the will damages the fuel system. Generally, if a automobile has satellite unused v gas in the tank for much more than 3 come 6 months, the gas have to be drained and the fuel filter replaced.

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