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Help..... I have a 2003 trailblazer LT EXT the behind climate control isn\"t functioning at all. The switch simply to the ideal of my ideal leg doesn\"t rotate the fan in the earlier on. Likewise the rear digital display isn\"t working either. The lamp behind the buttons irradiate up but no function. The front works perfectly. I\"ve checked all the hvac fuses and they room all good. Please help.....

There\"s no resistors because that the rear blower.

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Did you examine fuse #13 in the behind fuse box? If that is OK, climate the problem could be the Aux Blower Motor regulate Processor module or the Aux HVAC control module.
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Rear fan
My rear fan has also developed some issues. About 75% the the time as soon as you revolve it on that works, yet only for about 30 seconds then turn off off and also will no come back on till you shut off the vehicle and restart it. Any kind of ideas?
My rear HVAC only works by managing it v the prior zone controls and the R0123 knob alongside the shifter. The behind HVAC Controls do absolutely nothing. Is over there a way to test the unit attached come the ago of the facility console? Mine has 3 knobs. Fan, Temp and also zone every one of them are the ring knob form but carry out absolutely nothing to manage the rear HVAC2002 GMC Envoy XL SLE
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