The intake manifold on a Ford explorer is a two-piece design. Over there is a gasket in between the upper and also lower intake manifolds, which deserve to experience dry rot or cracks over time. A crack can cause a vacuum leak, which means the wait fuel mixture is off--the engine is getting an ext air 보다 fuel--and the computer will shot to compensate through pouring much more fuel into the engine. Friend not just waste gas, yet the traveler still runs lean, v too much air and not sufficient fuel, if it runs at all.

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Disconnect the battery soil cable and collection it aside, ensuring the it does no touch metal. Slide a drain pan under the radiator petcock. Loosen the petcock and enable the antifreeze mixture come drain. If the fluid in the drainpipe pan appears clean and the antifreeze is less than 5 years old, you have the right to reuse it.

Loosen the clamps ~ above the waiting cleaner outlet tube with a screwdriver or ideal socket, depending on the kind of clamp. Remove the wait cleaner outlet tube. Traction the crankcase ventilation hose turn off the throttle body. Unbolt and also remove the accelerator body shield through the ideal sockets or wrenches. Eliminate the cables from the throttle shaft.

Label all electric wiring and vacuum currently attached to the upper intake manifold with masking tape and also a marker. Eliminate the accelerator cable"s brackets but leave the cable in the brackets. Collection the base aside. Disconnect the EGR spacer or the throttle body coolant hoses, depending on which your auto is equipped.

Label the spark plug wires therefore you have the right to reinstall them later onto the appropriate cylinder. Traction the plug wires turn off the coil packs. Unplug the ignition coil wiring harness from the ignition coil. Remove the coil packs from the engine with the suitable socket.

Unbolt and also remove the intake cover plate with the proper socket. Eliminate the rest of the wires and loom holders indigenous the manifold if there are any type of still connected.

Stand dealing with the engine so the the driver"s side valve sheathe is on her right and also the passenger side valve cover is on her left. Look in ~ the top intake manifold retaining bolts--there are six of them. Two of them space on the right, two of them are on the left (these are much shorter bolts), and also two much longer bolts space in the middle.

Label the bolts together follows: The bolt closest to you top top the driver"s side is #3. The bolt simply behind that is #1. Work-related your method over come the center of the intake. The many forward bolt in the center is #5, and the one behind that (closest to the firewall) is #6. The front-most bolt top top the passenger next is #2, and the behind bolt is #4.

Loosen the bolts in number order. Lift the top intake manifold off of the lower intake manifold. Clean the gasket mating surfaces v a scraper and also a rag, taking care not to gouge the input manifold.

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