Question: On mine 2003 Ford Explorer, the power windows sometimes don"t work. When one doesn"t work, none do. I already replaced the move in the driver-side door, but it didn"t resolve the problem. I noticed the switch in that door gets hot when the home windows aren"t working, yet in a small while they start working again.

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Answer: That all the home windows aren"t working means we"re looking for a break in a strength or ground resource common to all four home window motors. I pulled increase the wiring schematic, and also a red flag is the main power feed because that the windows situated at the battery junction box. That"s the fuse block under the hood nearby to the battery. Power to all home window motors begins at fuse F1.6 -- 60 amp. But from there the current passes with a circuit breaker (30 amp, F1.47) before reaching the accessory delay relay, the driver"s master window switch, and eventually the motors. Here"s the most most likely scenario from where I sit: one of the power home window motors may be within shorted and also drawing excessive present (amps) as soon as in use. Generally it"s walking to be the driver-side window, due to the fact that that gets the many use. As soon as operating the driver"s window, the extreme amperage attract from the motor is tripping the 30-amp circuit breaker. A breaker, unlike a fuse, will reset ~ a short period and resume giving voltage to the circuit. The fact that the master window switch is acquiring hot when the difficulty occurs is an additional clue come an excessive present draw. The the windows prevent working while operating the driver"s window also points us in the same direction. I"d hook increase an ammeter come the driver"s home window motor circuit, and also check because that a draw near or higher than 30 amps. If that"s the case, change the motor while ensuring there room no physics obstructions of the glass, or maybe a binding window regulator. The course, there are various other possibilities, such as a motor various other than the driver"s drawing excessive current, or a circuit intermittently shorted come ground. Yet this is absolutely the location to begin diagnosis.

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