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My speedometer decided to quit functioning this morning. The odometer is lit up yet its not including miles as I drive. Has actually anyone encountered this problem?Thanks in breakthrough for all her expertise!

i had actually the same with my pos santa fe. Its the rate sensor. The one that is on peak of the tranny! they changed it 4 times before getting it right lmao price me 250 bucks grrrrrrr


I"d go look because that you but I sold my "04 a couple of months ago so i can"t help you there. Sorry.
The output and input speed sensors seem to only reason harsh auto changes, i was provided a rate sensor through my 2002 2.4 lt V6auto and it look at nothing like those others.So there should be an additional sensor, have had no delight from anyone as yet.attachment=22518:05a4_1_sbl.JPG> Here"s a shooting of it
The output and also input speed sensors seem come only cause harsh auto changes, i was provided a rate sensor v my 2002 2.4 lt V6auto and also it watch nothing favor those others.So there need to be an additional sensor, have had actually no joy from anyone as yet.attachment=22518:05a4_1_sbl.JPG> Here"s a shot of it
I"m enduring through the very same thing best now. Mine seems to it is in a bit more complicated potentially. I have replaced the input and also output sensors. Ns have also replaced the automobile speed sensor and also still nothing. No odometer and also no speedometer. As soon as it an initial happened speedometer was fluctuating but now nothing. Go anyone have a reservation what else it could be due to the fact that it wasn"t the sensors?Tack works fine and also all other gauges top top the dash.thanks for this reason much, this is fairly frustrating
Santa Fe 2001 no speedo
I know this is a really old thread but I"m having this trouble now and just wondering If u control to occupational out ur issue. Mine additionally is no the speed sensor as I"ve simply replaced the n tho no speedo. Any help would be greatly appreciated please
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