Hello, the heated seats for both driver and passenger don"t work, however the light does become illuminated. I took a look under the seat and found 2 harnesses that go into the seat, 1 connector is a 4 pin with 2 large brown wires on the outside and two smaller yellow wires in between. The other harness is a 2 pin connector with 2 brown wires. I would like to know which connector is for the heating element so I can do an Ohm test. I am guessing it is the 4 pin connector but I am not sure, I am also guessing that the 2 pin connector is a temperature sensor

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This will need scanning to see what is wrong it may be the module the wires arguing fomr switch are orange and green/ppl. Check fuse 110undrhood by battery and fuse23 In central junction box.

Hello and thanks for the reply, the first thing I had done was check the fuses, sorry I forgot to mention that, which places offer scanning? And is there any alternative to scanning. I disconnected the 4 pin connector and tested all combinations for ohm reading and didnt get any readings. However when the connector was disconnected the light didnt illuminate when the button for the heated seats are pressed

You need a pro mechanic to scan it there is a module for each seat so you may not get a reading as it goes to the module before theheater.

Ok, I have a few family members who are mechanics but I would hate to bother them, and I understand that there is a module between the switch and the heating element, the harnesses I am talking about are coming out from underneath the leather then go into the module that the switch is connected too.

Also what are some possible problems causing this issue, other than the heating element is burned, and the module is bad
I see. Well if the module is bad I wouldn"t plan on paying for a new one (this vehicle is over 13 years old). I have been watching instructional videos on how to remove the heating element and it doesn"t seem that difficult (other than the hog clips), however it is said by many that is the most difficult part. Do you have any insight or tips if I go about this route.Off topic I will be posting another issue relating to the heat coming from the heater core, if you can please take a look at that too, you seem to be very helpful-Thanks
It might be the blend door actuator that controls heat/cooling. Her eis off our tips page.Sorry forgot to say (check the blend door) very common they crack. Must replace complete heater box assembly I have done one and it took 2 days. But Dorman makes a repair kit for it. So check at an auto parts if actuator works but still cool see pic for locationof course this assumes everything else is ok auto tem p control may have to be scanned as well but it can be done in one shot.
I posted the question a couple minutes ago, I had recently changed the coolant fluid and was reading that that could have caused blockage (please take a look at the post for more information)
Have you ever put any money at all in this vehicle? These problems don"t crop up at once. It needs to be scanned as well to see what is wrong with the abs unit that is why the light is on. An dyes it can and will effect your braking. It may be a bad abs unit. Whenever these systems are bled they need a scanner to be hooked up to open valves in the abs unit otherwise it gets air in the system which can only be removed with a scanner.

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You have a valid point, a few years ago I had a family member replace the front heater core which costed almost half of the current value of the car :( when we got the car back we noticed that the abs and airbag lights were on and asked him why the lights were on. He said that one of his workers accidentally spilled antifreeze on the sensors which didn"t make a lot of sense to me but my father was understanding of his explanation. About a year ago an air suspension hose blew (for the 3rd time) and I went to turn the switch for the air suspension off so it doesn"t blow the motor again (for the 2nd time) and noticed a harness removed near the switch. Turns out the switch was for the passenger airbag! After that the passenger airbag light has been off and the abs light is the only one that remains on. Will the scanning offered from autozone detect if there is any other screw ups from when changing the heater core?