The task of protecting the fuel injectors in your 1998 Mazda Protege from sediment and also other contaminates uncovered in today"s gasoline falls to the fuel filter. The huge filter area and capacity that the high push filter discovered in the Protege ensures that the fuel is filtered effectively while maintaining the proper pressure and also volume compelled to satisfy your engine"s demands throughout the entire variety of operation. Instead of of this filter together a part of preventive maintenance is well within the abilities of the home mechanic and in most situations can be accomplished in under one hour.

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Place wheel chocks behind the behind wheels the the Mazda. Use a floor jack come raise the prior driver next of the car off the ground. Place jack stand under the framework near the front of the car, and also lower the car onto the jack was standing so that the load of the automobile is sustained by the stands and not the jack.

Open the hood and also locate the fuel filter. The fuel filter on the Mazda Protege is situated on the firewall to the left and below the power brake booster. Using a 10-mm socket and socket wrench, loosen the upper (outlet) fuel line clamp. Location needle sleep pliers between the filter and also the fuel line, and also pry the line off the filter. Ease the fuel filter clamp top top the fuel filter bracket and also push the filter the end of the bracket. Native under the car, ease the 10-mm water tap clamp on the lower (inlet) fuel line and remove it from the filter making use of the needle sleep pliers. Drainpipe the fuel filter right into the drainpipe pan.

Install reduced line on brand-new filter, and also tighten the fuel-line clamp securely. Press the filter into the fuel-filter bracket indigenous underneath, and also tighten the clip clamp. Download the top fuel line onto the filter, and also tighten the fuel heat clamp securely.

Prime the filter by transforming the ignition vital to the run position and also then come the off place three times. Begin the engine, and also check because that leaks. Raise the vehicle off the jack stands through the floor jack and also remove the stands. Reduced the auto to the ground and also remove the jack and wheel chocks. Test journey to verify the fix is complete.

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