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I"ve review all the object I deserve to find, and looked in ~ the supplied pics, however they appear to be for some configuration various other than what I have (or it relocated from B5 come B5.5)... Can anyone help me discover where the coolant temp sensor is situated so I can replace it?The closest point I found only was a 2-pin connector in around the same place as showin in some of the pics.Thanks,Mike

Well I need to say the photo is lot closer come what i see, however unless its under under the airfilter assembly (ugh), I absolutely can"t watch anything that looks choose what i am expecting (I have the new sensor in hand already).
Ok, right here are my own picsfirst a pic of the general area near the firewall in the middle of the engine over there is a promise looking plug, but when i pull it, over there are only 2 pinsin the connector.. So this seems choose a no_go is the optimal of the connector ~ above the sensor the dealership insurance claims I need

Ok.. So i went earlier again and also felt all over I could.. Lo and behold.. Maybem just maybe I discovered it.... Is this the connector? (yes the pic sucks but thats as much as I deserve to see too...), but it would certainly be whereby PZ said it would certainly be.... Therefore IF that is it.. My next question is, which of the hoses above it space safe to eliminate to improve my access?Thanks,Mike
Making slow and unsteady progress... I regulated to acquire the electric connector off, however am stymied through the retaining clip. It is confronted toward the engine block and also best together I deserve to tell its hitting a tough stop, just quick of publication the sensor (figures) (I"d favor to pummel the man who made decision _this_ would be a good place because that the sensor) question.. Presume I acquire the retaining clip out... (if)... Room the feet symmetrical, ie have the right to I re-insert that from the various other (firewall) side?Thanks,Mike
I"m giving up. I am booked for a visit at the dealer morning for a fluctuating coolant temp gauge (hence i am reasoning the sensor is come blame). When I referred to as they claimed "it"s going come take around an hour." walk not believe it at an initial but now it kind of makes sense! allow us recognize what you find out. Top top my finish I expect they change it and the sensor is earlier "online."
I"ve got every little thing in place except I cannot get enough access/leverage to acquire the retaining clip ago in (still wondering if I might use native opposite side) in ~ this rate your"s may gain done prior to mine important a horrid ar for together a commonly failing sensor.
Decided ns was no going to acquire the retaining clip to re-engage in the set up orientation, therefore I inserted several record towels listed below the area (still as one piece) together a safety/catch net, eliminated the clip totally and re-inserted native the much easier side (from the firewall towards the prior of the car). Functioned as it have to on the method to job-related today.Mike
Mike,Sorry i missed her earlier posts - I had the same difficulty and did a rapid write-up of my suffer which to be mostly about where to position your eight to with the cursed thing. However I did just what friend did - reinserted the clip from back to prior - it doesn"t care.
Mike,Sorry ns missed her earlier short articles - I had the same challenge and go a rapid write-up of my experience which was mostly around where to place your arms to with the damn thing. Yet I did just what friend did - reinserted the clip from earlier to front - it doesn"t care.
yep that would"ve aided (somehow i missed the after several searches ) glad to know its there.Cheers,Mike
Glad you acquired it. Mine clip was inserted from the firewall. Had actually no difficulties with it,but I had a bit more room on the ATW engine than the AWM engines have. is a forum community specialized to Volkswagen Passat owners and also enthusiasts. Come sign up with the discussion about mods, Quattro, Turbo Diesel, reviews and also more!

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