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So mine oil light has actually been coming on once in a while.. If it come on and I shut off the car and restart it ideal away... The light continues to be off...Any clue what might be leading to it?


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my vehicle did the same exact thing. That is the oil pressure sensor. Its simple to change. Its ~ above the back of the engine, a directly shot to obtain to that if you take the fee pipe if you have an oil readjust coming up execute it then...less will spill out together your changing the sensor.
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i still require to change mine too. I havent got around to it. There so much less complicated to change on the 1st gen"s tho!
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So mine oil light has been comes on as soon as in a while.. If it come on and I shut turn off the car and also restart it appropriate away... The light remains off...Any clue what could be causing it?
Its def the oil pressure sending unit. Mine go the precise same thing. However In my case the ahead owner connected an aftermarket oil push gauge incorrectly and also it causes the sending unit to have a false reading. After ~ the rotate off climate on the auto the light goes away. I changed my sending unit and it only price me 25$ and about 20 min as soon as you deserve to locate it. It is top top the back side of the motor, ~ above the bottom over the oil pan.

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I have actually an "05, and just did the vac-delete setup w/ a PTP wastegate (which is AWESOME! so easy to readjust and rated to 35lbs!). Anyway, after the vac-delete, mine oil light would certainly come on at idle, then walk away as shortly as ns touched the gas. This was once the automobile was warm. I did an oil readjust (needed the anyway), and now the cursed light won"t turn off in ~ all! quiet think it"s simply the sensor? I understand the vac-delete is right, "cuz I talked about it 100 times until I to be 1000% sure!the funny part is the a couple of months back I spun a rod bearing because, i assume, the oil pump walk out. Not once did the oil light ever before come on, though! so, after ~ a $2,400 rebuild ns can"t imagine the 1,000-mile-old oil pump is damaged again. Ns wonder why this sensor was working prior to the rebuild, and now division 1,000 mile after. Only 36K on the auto itself!