I have actually a 2004 Dodge condition sedan 2.4 dohc, and recently the engine light has actually been on. I had the code read and showed one EVAP system error. I changed thegas cap, had the password erased, and also after a couple of days come back, same code. Would appreciate any kind of tips because that a diyr like me. Give thanks to you, Mario

What is the specific trouble code that is indicating?https://www.centregalilee.com/articles/checking-a-service-engine-soon-or-check-engine-light-on-or-flashingThat would enable me to know the problm and also get the compelled information.

DTC P0440: general EVAP system FAILUREWhen Monitored and collection Condition:When Monitored: Engine Running. Fuel Level better than 12%. Ambient Temperature between 4 C and 32 C (39 F and 89 F)Set Condition: The PCM walk not check out the NVLD move close throughout the medium/large leak test. The PCM will then increase the vacuum it is provided to the EVAP system by increasing flow through the EVAP Purge valve. If the move does no close with an increase in vacuum, one error is detected. Two pilgrimage Fault.Possible CausesGOOD expedition EQUAL to ZEROVISUAL and PHYSICAL INSPECTIONEVAP PURGE SOLENOID VACUUM supply INSPECTIONEVAP PURGE SOLENOID stuck CLOSEDNVLD switch OPERATION(Z1) ground CIRCUIT OPENNVLD ASSEMBLY(K107) NVLD switch SIGNAL CIRCUIT OPENEVAPORATIVE emission LEAK DETECTIONPCMHappy brand-new Year


2004 dodge Stratus 6 cyl 69,000 miles in ~ the last couple of main I"ve had the same problem. At first the car would turn off once I concerned a stop. As soon as I hit the accelerator the auto would jerk and the check engine light turns on and the auto turns off. If I recorded it in time and hit the accelerator prior to it turned off it would store going however the inspect engine light would stay on. I took that to my mechanic and also he repaired the for some sensor that come up once he scanned the auto for the check engine light. The difficulty is quiet occuring and now it"s also jerking as I"m driving on the highway. I read through the forum and someone is having the same precise problem however no one has yet to reply. Any type of suggestions/help!
knowing the exact code would certainly be great, the trouble may be related. Any tune up done yet? Does the feel choose the engine is misfiring? Is the inspect engine irradiate still on?
I just started having actually this problem a couple of days ago, I too dont recognize what might be the difficulty if you number it out could you email me at juan_chavarriag
have actually the technician check the MAPS sensor. I had actually the exact same problem and also they adjusted it. I have a 2.7L V6.
Was the end of town and the inspect engine light came on.Stop in ~ a regional mechanic and he checked it out through his computer. He turned the light out and also said it was the O2 Sensor. The couldn"t adjust it however said it would certainly be yes sir to journey it home and have a local mechnic look at it.I journey it house 120 miles and the light remained out.Could his computer system have had a false reading or can the O2 sensor have actually started working as soon as again?
It can have had actually a glitch and missread it leading to the pcm to collection the code, ns wouldnt worry around it unless it comes ago on.
Is it true the if the O2 sensor walk out, the only aftermath is the fuel will burn lean and result in poorer gas mileage?I don"t desire to gain stranded somewhere waiting on who to resolve it.
it wont simply die the end on you, you may notice a harder time starting it and you will have actually poorer gas mileage and also it will certainly run roughly.It no strand you tho.
The other day i went to start my car and it had a hard time starting. It did start however the inspect engine light come on. When driving the car seemed to sputter a bit. I am wondering if maybe this is miscellaneous to execute with the fuel system?
Its possible but if you have the right to scan because that codes or gain the codes that will aid the task of the examine engine light is to take the guess out of the equation and also pin allude the trouble area check if it require a tune up
utilizing an OBDII leader /eraserdisconnecting battery would reset all if irradiate come earlier you have actually a problem and need to examine for password
electrical problem2004 dodge Stratus 4 cyl front Wheel journey Automatic the codes claims cruise brake switch. Wherein is that and also to check it
its the brake switch on peak of the brake paddle under the steering have actually an automotive fix question!Sign up and ask your automotive concern !https://www.centregalilee.com/affiliate/uid/bmrfixit_1_tlid_1
I have actually a dodge stratus 2004 2.4L dohc and my engine light keeps transforming on. Ns took it to a car shop and also was told the my catalytic converter is damaged so it kept breaking mine oxygen sensor. I changed the cat and the sensor and disconnected the battery and also it to be off for about a day climate it turned back on what carry out you point the problem is? perform I need to have actually it clearing by a store like autozone?
I would certainly recommend having actually the computer rescanned to watch if it is the same code. Walk you perform the work-related or to be it excellent at a shop?
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