A difficulty that may reason no-start troubles on a Mazda or cause the engine running rough is a failed crankshaft place sensor.A Mazda crankshaft place sensor (CPS) monitors the position and rotation rate of the crankshaft.

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Common symptom of negative Mazda crankshaft position sensor include:

Mazda won"t startMazda cranks but won"t start.Engine idles rough

These symptoms might be intermittent in part cases. That"s why it provides it hard to diagnose a negative crankshaft position sensor, specifically if the check engine light has actually noengine light has not rotate on.

Follow these measures to readjust the crankshaft position sensor on a Mazda.

You will certainly need


Park your Mazda on level ground. Engage parking brakes. Let the engine cool down.Remove the plastic wheel well liner. The is organized in location with numerous plastic clips, 8mm nut, or 10 mm nuts depending upon the Mazda model.Locate the crankshaft position sensor.Unplug the electric connector.
Remove two 8mm bolts.
Before remove the old crankshaft position sensor, mark the old sensor"s exact position with a marker. You have to install the brand-new CPS sensor in the same location.
Install a brand-new crankshaft position sensor on her Mazda engine block. Notification that the mounting holes are not round yet oval. This allows the sensor come be relocated slightly.Before friend tighten the screws, make certain that the new sensor is in the same location as the old one.


You will must align the 5th tooth to the center of the sensor magnetic tip.
Check with your Mazda dealer as these instructions may vary between different 2.0, 2.3, 2.5 Mazda engine sizes.

If the crank sensor fails on your Mazda, your car will refuse to begin or will begin intermittently.

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