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2004 Nissan Altima 2.5My Altima is over 100,000 km now and I wanted to change the transmission fluid. Is there a filter or is the fluid just changed? Do I need original Nissan fluid or will any do?If I buy it from the dealer how many litres/quarts do I need.?should I change some other fluid as well?
Best to use Nissan Matic-DNo filter to mess with, just drain and refill, then drive a couple hundred miles, drain and refill again. You will need a bit over 6 qts every time you drain if you do it on ramps and click through the gears once or twice with the engine off when draining.DON"T FORGET we check our trans dipstick with the engine idling.


If you can change your oil, you can do a drain-and-fill.The only things that you need to be cautious of are1) you need a funnel with a small end on it because you fill through the trans-dipstick tube2) Check your fluid before you change it, and if the level is correct, put the same amount back in that you took out.3) Remember to check the fluid level with the engine idling.BTW, my transmission drain plug has a "regular" bolt on it just like the oil pan, unlike the write-up referred to above that requires an allen wrench

drained mine the other day. used valvoline maxlife. around six quarts drained out. when refilling through the dipstick be care not to fill the funnel up too much. it burps then splashes out.
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Would this work for our cars?Mobil 1 Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)It says Nissan Matic D and K. Has anyone used this? Feedback....
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I need to change the trans fluid on my 05. The service manual says Dexron III can be substituted for the Nissan Matic D fluid. Anyone ever done this with the Dexron fluid??__________________
I haven"t done the flush yet but I bought a case of amsoil ATF....expensive as hell....which means i am just going to do one drain and fill. my fluid isn"t black and is still quite clean. I"m just replacing it because my car is approaching 30k and I beat on it in autocross.
I just did a drain and fill for my 05 Altima 2.5S and 5.7qts came out. However, I can"t see the fluid level in the tranny dipstick when the engine is idling. I don"t see any film whatsoever. The moment I shut off the car, then I can see the fluid.Is the film really thin? How do I read the dipstick when I can"t see any level?
Just finished drain/fill on 3.5 SER.Really easy, except my 10mm allen was a b*tch to bust open.Got 3.5 QT, and doing it again next week (after ~100 miles).Read several threads saying just go with OEM Nissan fluid as your best bet. IF you"re going aftermarket, you really need to make sure you drain allllll of that stuff out before you put fluid in. You dont want to mix.If you can change your oil, you can change your ATF fluid.I bought Matic-K for $8/ a quart at a local dealership in SOCAL LA area. Ebay dealer: west covina nissan aka nismoshop. Got a really good deal.

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