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Yes... Yes... I"m a dumb ass and also didn"t look in ~ the serpentine belt route while i was taking off my UD pulley... Anyone know the route... Much better yet have actually a pic????

Yes... Yes... I"m a dumb ass and also didn"t look in ~ the serpentine belt path while ns was taking off my UD pulley... Anyone recognize the route... Far better yet have a pic????
LOL great work......... Ns made a photo of how mine went before I took it off... I"d article it for you but I"m at work. If girlfriend stll need it once I obtain home I"ll discover it.
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I tried come look it increase on our Mitchell system yet it doesn"t show a diagram for Forenza or Reno. Without a diagram friend just have to figure it out. It typically will only go ~ above one way. Look for pullys with and with the end grooves.
LOL... Thanx man... I uncovered it though... Examine out this link: because that everything...

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That"s a an excellent find! write-up that in the connect thread!Interesting it"s a Russian site. We need much more support favor this ~ above this next of the pond.and see? ns wasn"t too much
For those who can picture this. Attract a photo of friend pulleys as the sit in the car and also you belt goes on choose this.......Over the top of the Alternator and also Power Steering pulley.From the bottom that the alternator plunder it roughly the tnsioner and then ago around the crank pulley. As soon as you have every one of these on you swing the tensioner as far as you can and also pull the belt native the bottom that the crank pulley and also the front of the strength steering pulley around the AC compressor pulley and you done.So the belt will go approximately the alternator at the height rear that engine bay over the peak of the power steering pulley roughly the bottom indigenous the prior of the ac pulley. Ago all the means around indigenous the bottom that the crank pulley-block to the tensioner (Back of the belt touches the tensioner) which girlfriend go about from the bottom come the height on the means back to the alternator. Expect it helps.So if girlfriend go about the external of all pulleys through the exception of in between the Crank Pulley and Alternator wheel you detour to the tensioner through the earlier side that the belt.