The air air conditioning compressor relay offers power to the compressor because that AC function. This relay have to be changed if it"s proven to it is in faulty.

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Step 1: situate the A/C relay. The A/C relay is generally found in the underhood fuse box.

Consult your owner’s hand-operated for the exact location.

Part 2 of 2: replace your A/C relay

Materials Needed

PliersProtective glovesSafety glasses


Step 1: eliminate the relay. Remove the A/C relay through pulling it straight up and also out.

If the is daunting to grasp, you deserve to gently use pliers to eliminate it.

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Warning: Be certain to wear safety and security goggles and gloves at all times.

Step 2: purchase the brand-new relay. Keep in mind the year, make, model and also engine dimension of her vehicle and also take the relay v you come your local parts store.

Having the old relay and the car information will enable the parts store to supply you with the correct, new relay.


Step 3: install the new relay. Install the brand-new relay through aligning its terminals through the slots in the fuse box and carefully push it in.


Step 4: test the A/C. Test the A/C to check out if that working. If the is, climate you have effectively replaced the compressor relay.

Th A/C compressor relay is a small component that theatre a big role, just like many components in her car. Luckily, the is an easy fix if one goes bad, and hopefully instead of it will get your car’s system back to working condition. If your A/C is still not working, friend should have your A/C mechanism inspected by a trained professional.