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Does anyone understand where the fuel filter for an "08 Sienna through V6 engine, is located? Like, where precisely is it? If friend can, can you also tell me which relay is for the fuel filter? Thanks.
Take a look in ~ shows a pump and also strainer set or pump module through strainer. No listing for fuel filter together such.
No user-serviceable parts here.... Your tank sits under the floor, vehicle drivers side in the area that the middle seat. The strainer/pump is ~ above the optimal side the the tank (against the van floor). Reaching it needs dropping the tank, a fairly major job.
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It"s strange just how they don"t prefer fuel filters. My "13 Tacoma doesn"t have a filter, either. Our Previas had filters, but they didn"t have actually a recommended readjust interval, despite I readjusted them occasionally. My "95 F-150 had actually a filter about the dimension of a tiny tomato sauce can, v garter spring fittings on either end, snapped into a bracket placed inside the framework rail top top the driver"s side. It had to be readjusted every 15,000 miles, so I acquired pretty good at transforming that.
External fuel filters are just much more popular v American manufacturers. Our Honda Accord never had one either. I readjust it consistently on my Ranger and our old Malibu yet I don"t know just how much difference it in reality makes.
External fuel filters are just more popular through American manufacturers. Our Honda Accord never had actually one either. I readjust it regularly on my Ranger and also our old Malibu but I don"t know just how much difference it in reality makes.
It shouldn"t normally make much difference, so long as her fuel top quality is good, and also there"s no debris in the underground tanks. Ns think gas stations and also fuel quality has actually gotten far better over the years, and that"s why fuel filters aren"t so an essential anymore.

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