Tires are vital safety component when considering the safety of you, her passengers and also the drivers around you. Like many other components on her vehicle, tires are a wear and also tear item and require constant maintenance. Her manufacturer commonly details the specific intervals in the driver"s manual. As a general dominion of thumb, tires have to be rotated every 3,000 mile or whenever act an oil change. This procedure keeps the wear on the tires, both front and back, in an even pattern.

When tires are ultimately worn down, they are measured by tread depth. There is one "acceptable" limit that tires deserve to be worn to. Generally it is "3/32" or less than 1/8 of an inch. You will certainly not be able to pass a security inspection if her tires space worn past this point. Over there are also tests you deserve to perform on your very own using a penny or a quarter. Placing the coin in the tire"s tread track and also ensuring the President"s head is "covered" have the right to indicate good tread wear. Some enthusiasts likewise opt come install larger OEM wheel with smaller sized diameter or "low profile" tires through a lower suspension. Regardless, if the time comes for you to replace your tires, it"s crucial you know what"s available and how to pick the ideal tire for her ride.

Component Breakdown

Tire Size
Tire Type

There are several manufacturers that build and also sell all varieties of tires. Typically, the most common tire is the "All-season tire." together the name indicates, this tire can be made use of for virtually all varieties of terrain and seasons. Bear in mind, however; if friend live in a climate where winters obtain rougher than usual, you"ll want to think about using winter or "studdable" tires. Those tires are developed specifically to administer smooth and also safe traction on ice and snow. For the performance-minded enthusiasts, there are additionally "summer" tires that can be offered at the track.

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Figure 2. P-zero every season tires shown.Revs/Mile
Figure 3. Revs per mile indicator on tire distributor website.

Scheduled Maintenance

Tires have to be rotated every 3,000 mile or at every oil change interval. Furthermore, as soon as tire tread reaches the 3/32 mark, they have to be replaced. Refer to your owner"s hands-on for certain information.

Common Questions

What size tires have to I acquire for aftermarket wheels?

There are numerous different brand one deserve to select. Researching forums details to your vehicle make space helpful. Some world will select one tires over one more for miscellaneous reasons. Because that example, some may choose the Michelin Pilot sport A/S due to the fact that they room all-season tires and have a reduced rev/mile rating than comparable Bridgestone Potenza tires. Rather may pick a tire with smaller diameter to achieve fitting a wider wheel on a lowered suspension. You can additionally refer come a tire size calculator to gain the specific dimensions needed.

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Will various other Acura wheels fit mine car?

The answer is typically yes, yet this is not recommended. Most Acura wheels have the right to be interchanged come fit top top the very same hubs throughout many models. A lot of enthusiasts prefer to execute this specifically when the vehicle is lowered. The user must consider offsets and width and possibly also tire sizes.