Chevy recommends that you drain and fill the automatic transmission fluid every 50,000 mile in your 2005 Equinox. It"s an essential that you use GM T-IV -- or T-4 -- fluid. If you use anything else, such together Dexron III, infection failure will result. When adding fluid, double-check that you"re remove the exactly bolt. Removed the not correct bolt will reason damage that"s expensive come repair. The filter in this transmission is no replaceable.

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Out with the Old

Locate the front jacking points. Over there is an arrow on the plastic lower body panel, to the rear of every front wheel opening. Position the floor jack under the jacking flange suggested by the arrow, and not under the plastic dashboard itself. Lift that side that the Equinox and also place a jack stand under the structure lifting point 12 customs inboard indigenous the jacking flange. Reduced the automobile onto the jack stand. Repeat because that the other side.

Find the transmission drain bolt in ~ the bottom that the transmission, near the bell housing. Location the drainpipe pan underneath and remove the drainpipe bolt through a ratchet and also socket. Pull the gasket indigenous the drainpipe bolt and also throw the away. Enable the liquid to drain for at least 5 minutes.

Clean the drainpipe bolt and install a new gasket. Object the bolt in through hand and tighten it to 29 foot-pounds v a speak wrench. Remove the drain pan and lower the Equinox to the ground.

In with the New

Find the fluid level indicator behind the prior transaxle mount. It looks favor a dipstick secured by a flange v a bolt with it. Be sure you"re looking in ~ the flange bolt, and not the anchor tape bolt on top of the transmission. If you remove the anchor bolt the will reason damage you"ll need to remove the infection to repair.

Remove the flange bolt and also the liquid level indicator. Usage the long-neck funnel to add 4 quarts the T-IV liquid through the hole.

Start the engine and permit it come idle up to operating temperature. Through your foot ~ above the brake, relocate the shift lever indigenous Park v every gear, pausing three or four seconds in each gear, and back to Park.

With the engine tho running, use the level indicator as a dipstick to examine the fluid level. If the fluid isn"t within the "Hot" range, add fluid, a little at a time, to carry it into range. It need to take around 4.25 quarts total. If you put too much in for this reason it"s over the "Hot" range, you"ll have to drainpipe the overfill fluid, so be careful.

Turn the engine off. Change the level indicator and tighten the flange bolt come 89 inch-pounds.

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Dispose that the used fluid responsibly. Take it it to a recycling center, business station or auto parts store because that acceptance.