exactly how do I eliminate the rear brakes from mine 2005 evade Dakota? exactly how do i collapse the behind shoes to gain the drum off?

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Hi,First, here is a link that mirrors in general how north brakes room replaced. It will certainly be a good reference because that you.https://www.centregalilee.com/articles/how-to-replace-rear-brake-shoes-and-drumsHere space the directions certain to your vehicle. The fastened pics correlate v the directions__________________________2005 evade or ram Truck Dakota 4WD V6-3.7L VIN K ProceduresVehicle Brakes and Traction regulate Drum Brake mechanism Brake shoe Service and Repair ProceduresPROCEDURESREAR BRAKE SHOESREMOVAL 1. Raise and support vehicle. 2. Remove wheel and also tire assembly 3. Eliminate clip nuts securing brake drum to wheel studs. 4. Eliminate drum. If north is daunting to remove, remove rear plug from accessibility hole in support plate. Back-off me adjusting by inserting a thin driver into accessibility hole and push lever away from adjuster star wheel. Climate insert an adjuster tool right into brake adjusting hole revolve adjuster star wheel come retract brake shoes. 5. Vacuum brake contents to eliminate brake lining dust.pic 16. Eliminate shoe return feather (3) v brake feather plier tool. 7. Remove adjuster spring and lever (5). Disengage bar from spring by sliding lever forward to clear pivot and work lever out native under spring.pic 2 8. Disengage and remove shoes return spring (1) indigenous brake shoes. (3)pic 39. Remove brake shoe hold down clips (6).10. Eliminate rear brake shoe (7) from support plate (9).11. Eliminate front brake shoes (8) from support plate (9).12. Remove park brake lever (2) native the brake shoe.CLEANING Clean the individual brake components, including the assistance plate and also wheel cylinder exterior, v a water dampened cloth or with brake cleaner. Do not use any kind of other clean agents. Remove light rust and also scale indigenous the brake shoe call pads top top the assistance plate through fine sandpaper.INSTALLATION 1. Clean and inspect separation, personal, instance brake components. 2. Lubricate wherein the brake shoes contacts the assistance plate with high temperature grease or Lubriplate. 3. Lubricate adjuster screw socket, nut, button and also screw subject surfaces v grease or Lubriplate.pic 44. Download parking brake bar (2) come the behind shoe (7) and install the host down clip (6). 5. Install the adjuster strut (5) ~ above the shoes and park brake lever (2). 6. Download the front shoes (8) on support plate (9). And install the hold down clip (6). 7. Download the adjuster spring and lever (4) in the slot in the adjuster strut (7).pic 58. Install the lower return feather (1) to the pair of shoes (3).pic 69. Verify adjuster operation. Pull both shoes outside to relocate the adjuster lever (4) to rotate the star wheel. Be certain adjuster lever properly engages star wheel teeth.10. Change brake pair of shoes to drum through brake gauge.11.

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Download wheel and also tire assembly.________________________________________I hope this helps. Allow me know if you have other questions.Take care and also God Bless,Joe