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I am searching for info from anyone who has actually used the Motorcraft HUB-159 (aka p/n YS4Z1A034AA) to replace the hub on a 2005 ZX4 ST focus with behind disc brakes. The summary for this component reads together if that comes with the ABS sensor ring but illustrations that the ago of the hub don"t present the ABS ring installed. Go anyone recognize if this component comes with the ABS sensor ring or did you need to obtain the sensor ring together a separate part? many thanks for helping!

Thanks because that the suggestion. I supplied the RockAuto magazine info link for the component and the illustration doesn"t enhance the summary that indicates it comes with the ABS ring. The illustration footnote claims it is for a typical part and might vary through application.

I"d think the description more so 보다 the picture. Check on other component sites or call village Ford and talk come their parts dep and also find out from them around the ring and also which design comes through the ring.This just how to the replacing just the bearings, has actually you reuse the ring: the an option when swapping entire hubs?
I looked at various other sites in ~ cheaper non-Ford hubs and also photos display no ABS ring. I"ll examine with my dealer to view if the ABS ring comes through the Motorcraft hub. I have actually an ABS fault code mirroring the left behind ring is bad. I thought about replacing just the ring however it"s expensive. Because that a high mileage vehicle I think it might be far better to replace the hub if the comes through a new ABS ring. Thanks for the help.

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