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Hello everybody.Where"s the oxygen sensor located? i am having p1151 code and also the o2 sensor 1 at financial institution 2 more than likely needs to it is in replaced. Which one is the bank 2 sensor 1 amongst the four? i am attaching the picture from Ford business manual.P1151 HO2S financial institution 2 Sen 1 Insuff. Switching lean Mean
Bank 2 is front (radiator) next of engineFollow the exhaust manifold under from the side the engineI have actually not replased financial institution 2 sensor - you might want to eliminate the plastic trim behind/below bumper
While was standing in former of her vehicle, and also looking at the facility of the intake plenum on the engine, lug your eye down in the direction of your feet such that you room looking in between the engine and also the radiator. You must then be staring directly at the exhaust manifold ~ above the radiator side of the engine, and also consequently the bank2 number 1 O2 sensor must be clearly visible and reasonably easily easily accessible as well.
An easy method to tell:The side her drivebelt is on is thought about the front of the engine. The side through the transmission attached is, that course, the rear.Using part imagination, metally turn the engine so the engine drivebelts are in front, and the transmission is in back.Most Fords have actually the drivebelt at the passenger next of the engine compartment, so transforming the engine, the bank of the engine facing the radiator is currently on the Driver side. Trace Spark Plug wire #1 come the number 1 Spark plug, that plug sit on financial institution 1 ALWAYS. Commonly Plug 2 is on bank 2. That should offer you a good Reference point.Is the engine a Vulcan or Duratec?Here"s the place of the O2 Sensors ~ above my automobile (A Vulcan V6 - keep in mind the bank numbers are reversed, bank 2 in the pic is actually bank 1 and Bank 1 in the pic is actually bank 2)

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I take it this picture from the driver side of the carTo prize jwsohn00 Question....You are gaining an Exhaust Oxygen sensor indicating lean at the end of a test is trying to correct for an over-rich condition. The test stops working when the fuel control system no much longer detects switching because that a calibrated quantity of time.A code P1151 might mean that one or more of the following has happened:Electrical:Short come VPWR in the exploit or HO2S Sensor Water in the exploit connector Open/shorted HO2S circuit Corrosion or poor mating terminals and also wiring Damaged HO2S Damaged PCM Fuel System:Excessive fuel pressureLeaking/contaminated fuel injectorsLeaking fuel push regulatorLow fuel press or running the end of fuelVapor recovery device Induction System:Air leaks after the MAF Vacuum Leaks PCV system:Improperly sit engine oil dipstick EGR System:Leaking gasket grounding EGR valve Leaking diaphragm or EVR base Engine:Oil overfill video camer Timing Cylinder compression Exhaust leaks prior to or near the HO2S