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i"m plan on gaining a honda accord 2005 ex and also i to be wondering if that came through an aux or bluetooth. I favor to listen to the music the i have on mine phone therefore it would certainly be an excellent to have actually something choose bluetooth or an aux to plugin so i can bump mine tunes. If not then what would certainly be the recommended measures to require to install one and also which one to acquisition to gain the best connection and also sound. I"ve to be looking everywhere online and also i have yet to gain a definite answer.

2005 Accord EXL I4 at w/Navi (of no use), brand-new KYB front struts, JL Audio TR690Txi 6X9 in the rear. Also uses no oil.

No, they do not have Bluetooth or one AUX in indigenous the factory.I have actually the GTA car Kits adapter in mine Accord and have been an extremely happy v it. It has actually the choice of making use of Bluetooth, or an auxiliary cable because that sound.

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