How To eliminate Front Door dashboard 2001 - 2005 Honda Civic

In this video, 1A Auto demonstrates just how to remove and replace the front interior door dashboard trim in a 01-05 Honda Civic.

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pull the triangle trim in ~ the peak of the door through the winter off. Making use of a driver pry the small door behind the handle, off. Pry the panel off, on the bottom that the pull handle. Eliminate the two Phillips screws under the traction handle. Remove the two Phillips screws behind the door handle. Pull the handle free and eliminate the harness and also clip. Disconnect the switch panel harness. Pry the door panel off utilizing a clip device or putty knife. Go about the dashboard prying each clip. Lift the door panel up and also off. Reinsert any type of clips that autumn off.
run the harnesses through the door panel. Elevator the panel up end the lock and snap down right into place. Reclip the harness and also door handle and also snap the handle right into place. Replace the door handle screws. Reconnect the switch panel harness. Change the two Phillips screws. Put the door pull handle panel ago into place. Earlier first. Change the manage panel. Change the triangle trim by the mirror.

Tools needed

Flat blade Screwdriver

Phillips Head Screwdriver

Putty Knife

Door dashboard Removal Tool

Brought come you through, your source for quality replacement parts and the ideal service top top the internet. Hi, I"m Mike indigenous 1A Auto. I hope this how-to video helps girlfriend out. Next time you need parts for her vehicle, think that In this video, we"re walking to show you how to eliminate the former door panel on this 2003 Honda Civic. We"ll show you the driver side, the passenger next is the same procedure. It"s a comparable procedure for any "01 come "05 public that has actually power windows. Tools you"ll need are a tiny flat tongue screwdriver, a Philips screwdriver, and either a door panel clip tool or a putty knife to pry the panel away from the door.With the door, begin up here and pull it firmly on this item of trim. Okay, a little screwdriver ideal at the peak inside your door handle, there"s a small indent. There"s a little door that comes down. Okay, currently use a driver or just your finger and pull turn off this panel best here. Traction it firmly the end at the front. It comes off. Then there space two Philip screws in here and right in here. Make certain to remove those. I"ll speed up right here as I remove those screws again just using a Philips screwdriver and get those out. Occasionally they don"t come every the means out the the door. That"s fine, simply when you pull the door panel off, just watch whereby they could drop out and also now carry out those.Then there room two screws appropriate in the door handle. Remove those. Pull her door manage out. There"s a small tab on the back of your door lock switch. Push that tab, disconnect the clip the holds the door lock appropriate on. Usage a screwdriver or your finger. Press the clip off, pull the up and also off climate there"s a little tab appropriate here. Pull her power home window switch. Push that and disconnect your power window switch.Now, using your door panel clip tool, acquire right in behind below up till you satisfy a clip, traction it out, go roughly the clips. Pull her door dashboard up and also off. While doing that, a couple of clips came off, simply slide the clips right ago in place. There and one under here. Take that off, the one that"s here and move the harness there and put this up. Snap it towards the home window and then lock the all the method around. Through your door dashboard clip, pry this down and in and lock the clips on, connect your lock button and also put the front end in an initial and into place.Fast forward right here as I put those 2 screws that organize the door manage in place earlier in, tighten them increase firmly. Traction the exploit up, us use 2 Philips screws. Rate it up again together I download the 2 screws that hold the door pull part of the panel in place. Put it earlier in an initial and snap it right on. Climate the two tiny tabs go in the bottom, snap the in place and also then placed this with here and snap the in place.We hope this help you out. Brought to you by, your resource for high quality replacement parts and also the ideal service ~ above the internet. Please feel cost-free to contact us toll-free, 888-844-3393. We"re the agency that"s here for friend on the internet and in person.

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