When the Honda Pilot is due for an oil change, the mechanism will display a notification. When the company has to be completed, friend will should manually reset the Oil Life. This indict will display you how.

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2019-2021 Models

These models will certainly often present a “Maintenance due Soon”, “Maintenance due Now”, or “Maintenance previous Due” relying on the Oil Life value. Clear it with these steps.

Turn the power to the vehicle on. Perform not start the engine.Go come “Home” > “Settings” > “Vehicle” > “Maintenance Information” > “Oil Life“.Press and hold the “Enter” button for an ext than 10 seconds. The automobile will go into reset mode.Use the arrowhead buttons come toggle come “Oil Life“, then press “Enter“.

2016-2018 Models

Turn the strength to the car on. Perform not start the engine.Go to “Home” > “Settings” > “Vehicle” > “Maintenance Info“.Press and hold the “Reset” switch to get in reset mode.Using the arrow buttons, toggle the an option to “Reset“, then push the “Reset” button.

2006-2015 Models

These models common display a wrench icon when an oil adjust is due. Clean the wrench through these steps.

First, situate where her “SEL/RESET” switch is situated on her vehicle. On part models, the is a stem button on the display near the fuel gauge. Other models have it top top the steering wheel.Turn the ignition move to “On“. Perform not begin the engine.Toggle the “SEL/RESET” switch to display the “Oil Life %” (if it’s not shown already).While the “Oil Life %” is displayed, press and also hold the “SEL/RESET” stem for 10 seconds. Once the screen blinks, release the button.Press and also hold the “SEL/RESET” stem again for about 5 seconds. As soon as the password disappears, release the stem.

You have properly reset the oil life come 100%. The wrench light need to turn off at this point.

2003-2005 Models

These models display a “Maint Reqd” light as soon as an oil adjust is due. Clear it through these steps.

Turn the ignition switch to the “OFF” position.Press and also hold the “Select/Reset” switch on the instrument panel.While continuing the host the “Select/Reset” button, revolve the ignition “ON“. Perform not start the engine.Still proceed to host the button(s) because that 10 seconds or till the Maint Reqd indicator resets.

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