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I have a 2007 Impala that I should exchange the power Steering fluid however what form as the manual and also Haynes just say to use GM power Steering fluid ?
Sheila ,Thanks together I have had actually a difficult time finding the end this information even with the help of Google. Simply by opportunity are you also a member that the Taurus Forum ??? many thanks again,mctmatt
GM does no recommend Dexron ATF for the power steering device in the 8th generation Impala. Read you auto owner"s hands-on - it will tell friend the form to use. You have the right to purchase the fluid at any type of GM dealer, lug your VIN come ensure the exactly fluid.

Yeah, girlfriend may have the ability to use transmission liquid for your strength steering, yet personally, ns wouldn"t. I would use the liquid that GM recommends. I"m just not certain why friend would purposely use transmission fluid in your strength steering mechanism when GM mentions power steering fluid... Simply use what the manufacturer recommends. Currently maybe if you were "stuck somewhere" and all that you had was transmission fluid, then probably I"d use it, but otherwise, I just don"t view why girlfriend would purposely use something various other than the recommended liquid type.Maybe you can use transmission fluid without issues - yet why danger it? sent out from mine HP SlateBook 10 x2 pc using Tapatalk

I agree with above 2 posts. Use power steering liquid that is GM approved. ATF "back in the day" but, not so sure that"s such a good idea now. Ns don"t think it"s a seal problem but more of every little thing the tower steel and such is made of. IMO the is.
Post #6 in this thread has some an excellent information about GM power steering fluid:
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