The engine is a V6, and also the top radiator hose is contempt to the passenger side, and hubby says the thermostat is there, i can't it seems ~ to discover the sensor, a photo would be good if you have one, together I to be going insane and also want to resolve it in the morning myself. Any assist would be substantially appreciated. What all execute I have to take apart, the videos ~ above youtube go not help either they are not car specific.I would certainly make a donation if i could, i have currently spent a happiness on this vehicle as you can well guess from all of the issues that the Trailblazers have.

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Left former of engine block near alternator that screwed into the head no specials tools simply a deep socket. Right here are the diagrams below to show you wherein the coolant temperature sensor is ~ above both 6 and 8 cylinder engines. Examine out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us understand what friend find.


execute you have the 4.2L or the 5.3L engine?Because ns just caught you out 6 as the engine I believed you put 8 so it is the location I offered the sensor for. The trailblazer has a inline 6 or V8 engine. If you have actually a 6 cylinder is a inline 6.

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ENGINE COOLANT TEMPERATURE (ECT) SENSOR replacement REMOVAL PROCEDURE NOTE: Use treatment when managing the coolant sensor. Damage to the coolant sensor will impact the procedure of the fuel regulate system.1. Turn the engine OFF. 2. Disconnect the an unfavorable battery terminal. CAUTION: describe Battery Disconnect caution in organization Precautions. 3. Drain coolant below the level of the ECT sensor. Refer to Draining and Filling Cooling system (Body Vin code 6)Draining and also Filling Cooling system (Body Vin code 3) in Cooling System.4. Disconnect the ECT sensor electric connector (1). 5. Eliminate the drive belt and the generator.6. Carefully remove the ECT sensor (1).INSTALLATION PROCEDURE NOTE: *Use care when handling the coolant sensor. Damage to the coolant sensor will influence the procedure of the fuel control system. *Replacement contents must be the correct part number because that the application. Components requiring the use of the object locking compound, lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, or sealants are determined in the company procedure. Some replacement contents may come with these coatings currently applied. Perform not use these coatings on components unless specified. This coatings can impact the last torque, i m sorry may affect the operation of the component. Usage the correct torque specification as soon as installing components in order to prevent damage.1. If installing the initial sensor or a brand-new sensor without sealant, use thread sealer P/N 12346004 or equivalent.2. Download the ECT sensor. NOTE: describe Fastener notice in company Precautions. Tighten Tighten the ECT sensor to 16 N.M (12 lb ft).3. Connect the ECT electric connector (1). 4. Install the generator and also the journey belt. 5. Connect the negative battery terminal. 6. Refill the engine coolant. Describe Draining and Filling Cooling device (Body Vin code 6)Draining and also Filling Cooling mechanism (Body Vin code 3) in Cooling System.