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Replacing 3.5 liter engine speed sensors (Chrysler 300M and others)by Christopher Carpenter and also David ZatzAfter ten year or a hundreds thousand miles, the 3.5 liter V6 engine have to still it is in going strong, but the speed sensors tend to require replacement. Kris Carpenter replaced the output speed sensor top top a 2000 Chrysler 300M; the process for instead of it on various other cars through this engine (and Pacifica) are likely similar. Many of the time, owners find that the rate sensor is poor because the transmission will only change into first or second gear, and the "key dance" code reading technique shows password P0700 (transmission error.)

You deserve to tell which speed sensor stops working by even if it is the speedometer is quiet working. If that works, the input speed sensor is bad. Take the car to a mechanic, salary him or she $100-$120 and maybe a small extra to replace the output rate sensor at the very same time, and be happy if the was the difficulty (Can you do it? Probably. Is it worth the risk of damaging something else at the exact same time? most likely not.)If the output rate sensor is bad, the speedometer will certainly not job-related either. That"s a dead giveaway that the straightforward one requirements to be changed - the one most human being can probably take care of on their own. Girlfriend will need a one-inch deep socket and also (obviously) a driver. While others recommend an open up wrench, we did not uncover that to be useful.As a side note, given that our aftermarket switch failed within 3 weeks, it renders sense to get the dealer part - i beg your pardon is no much much more expensive.

First, open the hood and also find the fusebox top top the driver"s next (it has a black color cover and is plainly marked). Here it is, above, there is no the cover on. Yank the transmission computer system fuse (not marked above, in situation it moved approximately from year to year, or from auto to car); the fuses space usually called out in a chart on the underside the the cover.

Next, the automobile needs come be raised up somehow. ~ above the 300M, we might not number out wherein to placed the hydraulic jack, and also ended up utilizing the scissor jack the comes with the car; us should have used jack stands as well. Taking of the wheels, together usual, involved trying a practically "cross" wrench first, climate standing ~ above the jack manage supplied v the car until every nut slowly gave way. (One need to be really careful to acquire the handle on "just right," so that does no slip off, damaging the lug nuts along the way.) then the wheel comes off, and we have actually some access. (The wheel remove trick was recommended by the 300M Club.)If you deserve to raise the car on a lift, or journey it onto ramps, you perform not should remove the wheel in ~ all.In any kind of case, you must be attract eye security whenever you"re underneath, to defend you from gaining transmission liquid or rust or every little thing in your eyes.

Once you"re under the vehicle - upside down - situate the two speed sensors. Friend will notification that the input speed sensor is cleverly placed right by brake or transmission lines, and now you recognize why us say you should just bring it come a mechanic. Some intrepid human being can still gain it out, with caution and perfectly size tools. It more than likely is not worth the save to eliminate it. (You could want to get both changed at once, if it"s in ~ the mechanic anyway.)The output rate sensor looks precisely the same, yet it is much an ext conveniently located, away from tough lines.

Carefully eliminate the electric connector, and you should be able to use a typical 1 inch (yes, one inch) deep-dish socket to remove the output speed sensor. If the O-ring does no come out v it, make sure you take it out. A tiny transmission fluid will come out too, however not much.

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Next, put in the brand-new sensor; us were told, "make the finger tight, then turn it two finish turns." However, you might want to check the company manual for the correct torque specifications - most most likely in inch-pounds quite than foot-pounds. The sensor human body is plastic, most most likely to save weight and also money, and also to do it easier to remove when it walk bad.At this point, reinstall the fuse you take it out, and the auto should be able to hit 3rd and 4th gear again. The process should take approximately fifteen minutes; it took us roughly one hour. An proficient mechanic with a lift have the right to probably execute it in roughly five or ten minutes. The approximate mechanic price in 2012, once we go this, to be $100.We strive for accuracy however we space not necessarily experts or authorities top top the subject. Neither the writer nor /, LLC may be held responsible for the usage of the details or advice, comprise or otherwise, on this site. This web page is offered "as is" and also without warranties. By reading further, you relax the author and also, gmbh from any liability.
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