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Quick question:My 04 to escape is at 93,000 miles and also I inquired around having the timing belt replaced. The man at the dealership said me due to the fact that it was a chain, and also I didn"t require to have it replaced. Is this true??I to buy this escape brand new and I have actually taken good care the it, various other than my long road trips. I just want to make sure that is doesn"t have any type of issues because of the high mielage. Thanks men for her help!!
Don"t solve it till the breaks. There are actually multiple chains on the engine and an altering them would be costly. I understand of escape models through 150,000 miles and also never necessary a chain replaced.
Hi Burghgirl !The timing chain is premium to the timing belt found in mostengines these days. Doesn"t have to be replaced every 80,000m
price of app. $500. (broken belt = complete engine rebuild)Learn as lot as friend can,look after your auto through agood shop and you will probably have actually "good luck" rather than bad.All The Best

Timing chains have the right to last a lengthy time. Most are twin roller architecture for much better durability. As lengthy as you change the oil regularly, the chain will certainly outlast the pistons. A an excellent thing to do every couple years is to run a carbon cleaner v the engine. There space two an excellent ones ~ above the industry that I have used myself. In some rare situations you"ll even an alert a obtain in performance from freeing up collected carbon ~ above valves, etc.The very first is dubbed Auto-RX, easily accessible online for roughly $15. You add it to your engine oil and also drive for about 800miles. Then replace the oil and filter. Its encourage to replace the filter an initial depending top top engine condition as it could have more sludge build up in the engine and also can clog a filter (never heard that this ever before happening). The 2nd is dubbed SeaFoam, obtainable at many auto parts stores. It comes in a can and also there space various means you deserve to use it. The finest is to take turn off a vacuum line from the brake booster and enable the car to suck in about fifty percent a can (250mL or so). The engine will ultimately stall out. Then wait 15-20minutes and also crank the auto until that starts (generally under one minute). A lot of white smoke will certainly come out of the exhaust for several minutes. The Seaform breaks down the carbon and blows the out. That shouldn"t influence your cat converter or any type of other emission components. They recommend to include the remaining half can in between your crankcase (add to oil) and also the other fifty percent of the to the fuel tank. It"s safer simply to include the remaining half can to the fuel tank as part engines don"t favor anything messing about with your oil supply.I recommend either treatment and also then usage a full man-made oil and change it every 4-5K mile or 7500kms. This will extend the life the the engine and decrease ingredient wear and future sludge buildup the can reason engine failure. Friend may change synthetic oil sooner, at the traditional 3K interval yet it"s no necessary. Longer drainpipe intervals will additionally come in handy when you walk on your long road trips! much better piece the mind every around.

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