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Anybody got hints on instead of the pcv without removing intake and fuel railAnd 3 fingers and a thumb?
Check the FAQ and follow the instructions. Works choose a charm. My altima has around 120k. Pcv was good but that far into it and also for 2 bucks might too replace it. One other thing i did was zip tie the power steering pump ago out of the way. I additionally broke the water tap so I had actually to change that too.
Nice mine is getting close come 120k and I currently have to replace ps lines for this reason might also and also have a pcv in my gloves box that ns bought forever ago.

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PCV replacement
I simply realized the the pcv instructions to be from a various forum so below they are:Tools Needed: Rachet collection (metric and also possibly a standard set) 1/4" Drive and also 3/4" drive Rachet extensions -6" in both 1/4" Drive and 3/4" journey Needle sleep pliers Wrench set (metric) Flathead Screw driver (approximately 6" - 10") Optional swivel socket set Things to have actually around: Silcon spray Gasket maker silcon beading flexible clamps (1/4" - 1/2") perhaps a Haynes Nissan Altima manual, or if you"re yes, really lucky, a FSM Auto oil (incase you have to refill although that shouldn"t it is in necessary) Razor Warning this is not simple task, and also if girlfriend call any type of Nissan dealership, they"ll do one of the following: Laugh scare you with a $250 price tag to carry out it Or phone call you, the you don"t need to replace it however with patience and perserverance you have the right to do this. If you have actually the manual, they sort of display you what your looking for, and it helps you figure out where several of the bolts are any everything else. If girlfriend don"t have one, the simple location is ~ above the backside of the engine, on the journey belt side (passenger side). It"s about fifty percent way under in the engine compartment attached come the breather/seperator. It"s right over the power steering system. You won"t be able to reach much from the height of the engine (can guarantee the you won"t be able to unscrew it). Remove the optimal two bolts the the breather seperator making use of a 1/4" journey rachet v a 6" extension and 10mm socket. You also may desire to shot to loosen the PCV valve making use of a longer wrench in a 17mm size. It"s not vital to perform so, however it will certainly make points a little easier under the road. Now loosen the alternator bolts so you deserve to release the journey belts. On slide the belt turn off the alternator and also push the slack earlier towards the strength steering. Jack up the car and also lock that in the air securely (make sure you"re ~ above a level surface and the parking brake is ~ above to save the automobile from rolling backward). Native the under of the auto detach the three bolts hold the power steering in ar (two room by the drive shaft and also one is up by the belt assembly). Pull the power steering pump down and to the passenger next of the automobile (don"t pull too hard unless you setup on disconnecting the strength steering hoses and also refilling the system). Take out the oil filter (you don"t require to drain the system, friend will lose a tiny oil, yet not much). Currently with this stuff out of the method you will have the ability to unbolt the critical bolt on the breather seperator using the same 1/4" drive v 6" extension and 10mm socket. Currently either stand on a action or drop the vehicle a small bit and also remove the breather seperator (there is a silcon bead gasket that holds the in place, but it"s hesitant you will be able to save it). Untwist the PCV valve native the breather seperator and set the breather seperator aside. Currently Nissan offers pressure clamps so girlfriend will must use pliers to slide the pressure clamp earlier off the PCV valve hose. Pull the PCV valve turn off the hose and then slide the pressure clamp off, instead of it with a normal screw form clamp (will make it simpler to gain it turn off if you ever have to again). Screw and also tighten your new PCV valve right into the breather seperator and also clean the old gasket turn off the breather seperator. Likewise clean turn off the engine harbor the PCV valve came from. Over there is a grove that demands to be cleaned out too. You may wish to spray part silicon spray of the new PCV valve to help slide it onto the PCV hose. Ar some new silicon bead gasket maker sealer top top the port and the breather seperator and also slide the breather seperator earlier in to ar (may take a couple of tries to gain it in without completely smearing the gasket an equipment stuff). Reattach the PCV valve hose to the PCV valve and start come screw the top two bolts earlier in the top of the breather seperator. Go earlier underneath the vehicle and also place the bottom bolt back on the breather seperator and also tighten all three bolts. Slide the clamp you placed on the PCV valve hose end the PCV valve intake and also tighten (I uncovered the usage of swivel sockets helpful, however if you usage a screw type you have the right to tighten them through a screw driver). Reattach the bottom two bolts come the strength steering and then connect the peak one near the journey belts. Don"t overtighten the bottom ones till you begin the height one. Retighten every the bolts. Place the oil filter back in place and tighten. Autumn the car ago down and reattach the drive belt come the alternator and also tighten. Begin the car and also make sure you view no oil leaks comes from the breather/seperator. You should be every set. It took my brother and myself around three hrs to perform this, and a lot of it to be trying to figure out how to acquire to the valve and also get it out. I hope this is to some help to you carry out It Yourselfers.