In this guide, you will learn about the Nissan crankshaft position sensor, described as a crank sensor or CKP.

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It is often puzzled with the camshaft position sensor, i beg your pardon can additionally fail and cause engine start problems.


The most typical symptom of a failure crankshaft place sensor ~ above a Nissan is that the car hesitates to start or stalls after it starts.

In some cases, it might require the you crank the car for a lengthy time to get it to start.

When a crankshaft position sensor fails, her Nissan not just will hesitate to begin or may not start at all, yet the check engine irradiate will rotate on.

If you scan the ECU for fault codes, you will acquire trouble codes such as P0335, P0340, or also P0725.

This trouble is usual on Nissan Altimas yet may influence multiple Nissan vehicles, including Nissan Quest, Altima, Sentra, Maxima, 370z, Navara, Rogue, Murano, NV200, Micra, Sunny, Qashqai, and also Serena.

Below you will find instructions on how to replace the crankshaft position sensor ~ above a Nissan 3.5L V6 engine.

What you will certainly need

Mechanic device Set10mm socketScrewdriversExtensionRatchet


Follow these instructions to remove and also replace the crankshaft position sensor top top a Nissan.

Jack up her Nissan to access the bottom the the engine. You can use jack and also jack stand or ramps, i m sorry is easier.
Secure the car with jack stands.Allow the engine to cool down for at the very least 15 minutes. Certain the vehicle by placing the in Park. Secure the behind wheels. Ar jack was standing to support the vehicle.Remove the plastic cover indigenous under the engine. That is organized in location with number of plastic screws.Locate the crankshaft place sensor on your Nissan. The crankshaft place sensor is set up on the transmission real estate where the transmission attaches come the engine block.
Press the small tab top top the connector and also unplug the electric connector by pulling it away from the sensor.
Remove the 10 mm bolt.

Remove the old crankshaft position sensor on your Nissan. Download the new crankshaft position sensor in reverse order.


Once you tighten the 10 mm bolt, reconnect the electric connector.

Reinstall the engine splash shield and also lower the vehicle.

If the examine engine irradiate is on, use an OBD2 scanner to check out the codes and also clear lock in save on computer status.

If not various other codes are present, the inspect engine light should reset on its very own within a couple of driving cycles. 

Frequently request Questions

Where is the crankshaft position sensor located on a Nissan?

Location that Nissan crankshaft position sensor.

Location that crankshaft place sensor ~ above a Nissan 3.5L V6 Engine Photo: centregalilee.comHow to inspect if the Nissan crankshaft place sensor is bad?

One the most usual ways come verify the the crankshaft place sensor ~ above a Nissan is negative is to read the ECU\"s fault codes. This is a straightforward procedure and requires one OBD2 password reader.

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Plugin your scanner right into the OBD2 port under the dashboard.Turn of ignition.Read codes from the ECU.Confirm that a code related to the crankshaft position sensor circuit is present.Where to buy a cheap Nissan crankshaft place sensor?

Nissan crankshaft position sensors vary in between model years. To find a cheap Nissan crankshaft place sensor, examine prices here and also here ~ above eBay. Filter outcomes by year and model to find the appropriate crankshaft position sensor for her Nissan.

Nissan Crankshaft place Sensor component NumbersApplicationsInfinitiInfiniti2.5L 4 Cylinder EnginePart Number: 235-91203Applicaitons: 2002-2006 Nissan Frontier, Altima, Sentra3.0L EnginePart Number: CKP2085 PC165 714958 SS1013911B1 SS10139 J5T10271 5S1782 2373135U11 2373135U10 2373135U00 2132395 1800319Applications: Nissan Maxima, Infiniti I303.0 or 3.5 V6 EnginePart Number: 23731-31U11 PC89 2373131U10 23731-31U10 373131U11 S10113 SU4315Applications: Nissan Maxima 1995-2001, Pathfinder 2001-2002, Infiniti QX4 2000-2003, Infiniti I30 1999-20013.5L V6 EnginePart Number: 12799167Applications: 2002-2008 Nissan Altima, Maxima, Quest, Infiniti FX35 I35 G35 350z3.5L V6 EnginePart Number: 23731-AL60A 23731AL60C / 23731 AL60C PC499 23731 SU6482 23731-AL60C,1236545Applications:Nissan Altima (2006-2002)Nissan Armada (2012-2005)Nissan Frontier (2012-2005)Nissan Maxima (2008-2002)Infiniti FX35 (2008-2003)Infiniti G35 (2007-2003)Infiniti I35 (2004-2002)Infiniti M35 (2008-2006)Infiniti QX56 (2010-2004)Nissan 350Z (2006-2003)Nissan Murano (2007-2003)Nissan NV1500 (2012)Nissan NV2500 (2012)Nissan NV3500 (2012)Nissan Pathfinder (2012-2004)Nissan search (2009-2004)Nissan Titan (2012-2004)Nissan Xterra (2012-2005)4.0L V6 EnginePart Number: 23731EA20C 23731-EA20A 23731-EA20C 23731AE20C 23731EA20A 23731EA20C 23731EA220 23731EA221 3322082Z30 SU7825 5S6314 PC715Applications: Nissan Xterra 2005-2014, Nissan pathfinder 2005-2012, Nissan NV3500 NV2500 NV1500 2012-2014, Nissan Frontier 2005-2014