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i was wonder i know the TC is fuel efficient yet my neighbor"s TC needs to go to fill up much more often 보다 in her older car and i was wondering if it has to do v the size of the gas tank how plenty of gallons can u to fill in it??
The tc has actually i think a 14.5 gallon gas tank. The median mpg is 21-23 city and maybe 24-28 highway. It relies on the driver, greater rpms an ext gas burning. Just how much driving you do. And additionally how regularly you put gas in ur vehicle
n2oburner05 wrote: ns was wondering i know the TC is fuel efficient but my neighbor"s TC needs to go to fill up much more often 보다 in her older car and also i to be wondering if it has to do through the size of the gas tank how countless gallons deserve to u to fill in it??This is an impossible comparrision. There is zero way you can compare how often you need to fill increase from one vehicle to another. It has to do with:Gas tank sizeDriving HabitsAnd the fuel performance of the cars (the MPG)
Your hand-operated says 14.5 gallons room able to be held in her gas tank. Her neighbor most likely gasses the vehicle too much and is burning her gas faster like that.
additionally have come take into account how regularly she drives, where she drives, and also how she drives. If she"s flooring it to high sky then i don"t think that"s gonna assist your fuel efficiency.
14.5 gallons, in ~ 2.5 gallons her reserve irradiate is claimed to come on.Driving habbits, and also conditions affect gas mileage.
My finest fillup has actually been 13.9 gallons. I was spittin the entirety time going approximately the departure ramp and shut turn off the car and also coasted right into a gas station because I believed I was dry. Ns still say the tC gets good mileage, since I drive very aggressively at high rpm"s quite consistently, and also I still get over 300 miles every tank on approximately a regular 12-12.5 fillup. That"s at least 24 mpg. Granted most of mine is highway driving, I"m typically cruising in between 3500 and 4500. :twisted:
sicktc06 wrote: Is it bad when you walk to the gas pump and also pump in 13.3 gallons right into the tank...?
LOL!Bad how? for the car? It"s not great on her fuel pump, specifically if it"s a electric fuel pump. I"m not certain what the tc has. To countless times that what I call "spiting" (when your vehicle dies, or practically dies since of no fuel) and also your fuel pump will certainly go out.

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