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hey everyone. i am searching for the locations of the oxygen sensor on the automobile. my mechanic shelp it was the o2 sensor buy he wanted 5 hundred to rearea it. i told him no. i likewise got a recall alert for my auto for the ECM. can that reason the o2 sensor to fail and for the engine light come one. deserve to someone let me know what i have to execute and where the area it of the o2 sensor.
What was the code? Tright here are 2 O2 sensors. You need to get the ECU reinserted. The 06s have a high ECU faientice price.
the code is PO138- haynes book -heated oxygen sensor circuit malfeature sensor 2. auto zone is heated oxygen sensor(financial institution 1 sensor 2) circuit high voltage what ever that means. carry out i readjust it or gain the ECM readjust. the engine light goes off after a few days. its just funny after i acquire the recall notification this happens.
That sensor is situated under the car in the exhust pipe. It is not the sensor you watch when you open the hood. Rearea it via a NGK or denso direct fit sensor. You will certainly need to pull back the carpet on the left side of the passengers side floor r to reach the connector. Then acquire the ECU replaced.
is the one once i open up the hood near the fire wall in the middle. is it difficult to readjust out. thanxs man
It is not the one you view once you open the hood. You have to obtain on the ground to check out it. You will certainly need an O2 wrench and also some pb blaster to rerelocate it. The Haynes book you have actually shows the place and also the DIY on the removal of the dvery own stream sensor. deserve to use a continual wrench.

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No problem. Make sure you obtain ngk (ntk) or denso direct fit and also you have to be ok. Stealer will have actually it, Oem must be denso, but the markup is astronomical.Amazon has a denso for $50BTW you need to uncover a cheaper mechanic.
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