The time belt is located in front of your vehicle’s engine. That is make of a solid rubber product which includes cords that space nylon-reinforced. That way, the timing belt’s lifespan can be preserved.

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While the time belt is relocating inside the motor, the is placed under a lot of stress and also tends come wear out conveniently for this reason. Together a result, you will have to replace the time belt top top a constant basis established by the vehicle manufacturer.

If friend let her timing belt obtain worn out and you don’t replace it, girlfriend can reason a the majority of expensive damages to your engine.

How a timing Belt Works


The replacement price of a time belt is dependence on the number of labor hours that were spent on the replacement job. ~ all, through some cars, that is a many harder to gain access to some of the components like the timing belt.

For economy cars with tiny engines, the labor must be cheaper because that this because they are easier to disassemble. But if you’re driving an SUV or a truck, they have bigger engines which average you’ll it is in paying an ext money.

The average price to change a timing belt will be anywhere from $300 come $500 in total (more for larger cars, trucks, and SUVs). The timing belt itself will commonly only price less 보다 $50 yet the majority of a time belt project is invested on labor.

The expense of the labor will be all over from $250 come $450 or more. There will likely be taxes and also fees added onto these prices too.

NOTE: It’s frequently recommended to change the water pump at the same time while in there because it’s in the same area. It may price a bit more for a brand-new water pump but you’ll save a the majority of money top top labor expenses if you were to do it later on.

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When must a timing Belt be Replaced?

A timing belt is just one of those points that’s critical to replace according come the auto manufacturer’s schedule. Most often this will be between every 75,000 and also 100,000 miles. Inspect your owner’s manual for the specific schedule for your vehicle.

Replacing her timing belt is not among those things you deserve to just placed off indefinitely. Eventually, the belt will break and also you may have actually thousands of dollars in engine damage. It’s simply not precious the risk.

Timing Belt replacement Process

Unless you have a many auto fix experience, a time belt replacement is not simple DIY job and should be tackled by a professional.

The mechanic needs to get entry come the timing cover that the engine by removing various accessories. ~ removing the cover, the mechanic will analyze the time belt and its pulleys to watch what is in need of replacement.

At this point, that will begin to remove the timing belt and replace it with a brand-new one. Lock will likely replace the pulleys, tensioners, and also water pump if they feel it is vital to carry out so.

Once all the new parts room in, that will put the time cover back on and also any other parts the were removed. Currently that the is every put ago together, it deserve to be tested v the begin of the engine.

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Is the engine running choose it should? Is the timing of the engine good? If the answer come both of this is yes, climate you room in an excellent shape. Salary the mechanic and then you are done.