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I took turn off the RFT & offered them all becoz lock don"t give great performance. So i am now driving with normal tires v no spare.but I will certainly be driving lengthy trip in a couple of days, so ns am feather to get a preventive tire. I know that yes a an are saver tire yet I am certain it is going come take some time come arrive.As an alternative, i should obtain a offered tire asap.I observed a write-up on craigslist marketing a spare tire, yet I to be not certain whether it will fit my model. Deserve to anyone aid me? i heard the as lengthy as the bolt pattern (5 X 120mm) is the same any tire will fit mine model. Is that true?heres the attach on craigslist: you for help!
Your spelling and grammar is atrocious, sir! definitely unbecoming the owner the a fine, control machine. For Pete"s sake, it will take friend a micro-second to form "because" instead of "becoz" - oy vey!Are LA colleges THAT bad? :thumbdwn:(Its take away this type of post to revolve me native a long time lurker come a first-time poster.... )

No, the wheel won"t fit. A 328 needs at the very least a 16" rim come fit end the brakes. You need to have actually the 5x120mm bolt pattern, and an balance out of somewhere near 34mm (+- 10mm or so).If it were a 335i, the wheel would have to be 17" or larger, together the brakes are even bigger.

I run non RFT and also I have Conti kit with a have the right to of deal with a flat. Likewise I have actually membership to AAA/Auto club so i am covered need to it need a tow!

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Your spelling and also grammar is atrocious, sir!Definitely unbecoming the owner of a fine, driving machine. Because that Pete"s sake, it will certainly take girlfriend a micro-second to form "because" instead of "becoz" - oy vey!Are LA colleges THAT bad? :thumbdwn:(Its taken this form of article to revolve me from a lengthy time lurker come a first-time poster.... )

Probably because there had been a preventive tire difficult thread at the peak of the forum for 3 years in ~ the allude in time as soon as the OP request his question. A far better question would be come ask why you"re make a complaint over a solution made just shy of 10 year ago.
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Probably because there had been a spare tire difficult thread in ~ the peak of the forum for 3 years at the point in time once the OP inquiry his question. A better question would be come ask why you"re making a complain over a response made simply shy that 10 year ago.

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Oh wow , very first off ns was just having actually a tiny fun that’s all and secondly ns did not realize the article was the old. I was spring for an answer to a comparable question. However I didn’t median to rage anyone. My bad
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