As you’ll shortly see, that pretty simple to reset the check engine light on a ram 1500. Yet if she looking come drive v confidence top top Kansas City roads, you’ll desire to recognize what led to the inspect engine irradiate to revolve on in the very first place. The organization experts in ~ Lee"s Summit evade Chrysler Jeep ram can assist you both diagnose the cause of your examine engine light coming on and also reset the light manually if needed. Feel cost-free to schedule organization or read on come learn exactly how to diagnose and fix this problem yourself!

Why Is My check Engine irradiate On?

Why is the examine engine light illuminated ~ above your ram 1500? There are plenty the reasons. One basic reason is the your gas cap isn’t secured tightly in place, or your lamb 1500 has a dysfunctional solenoid (the ingredient connecting the auto battery to the ignition switch).

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In any case, if your ram 1500’s examine engine irradiate is on, you don’t want to simply reset it. You’ll desire to an initial determine those going on.


1. Check It’s actually the examine Engine Light.

It may seem silly, however there are loads of lights and indicators on Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and also RAM vehicles. Your organization light might be on. Of course, you’ll desire to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine which lights are which.


2. Inspect Your Gas Cap.

This is the most usual reason a inspect engine light comes on. It’s straightforward fix, too. Simply access the gas cap, eliminate it, and also replace it. Climate make certain it’s seated in place. Follow these easy measures to resetting your check engine light, and you need to be great as gold.


3. Inspect the Codes.

There space plenty the error codes generated by your lamb 1500’s computer system that have the right to pinpoint exactly what’s causing the check engine light to appear. If you have any kind of questions around the error password on your ram 1500, you can purchase an automotive diagnostic scanner. However, we imply you consult the experts at Lee"s Summit evade Chrysler Jeep Ram. When you’re here, be certain to examine out our summary of the lamb 1500 configurations.

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How to Reset Your inspect Engine Light: Step-by-Step

Now the you’ve shown this is in fact the issue, just how do friend reset the examine engine light on a lamb 1500? it’s a pretty simple fix! follow these straightforward steps:

Disconnect the negative cable from your lamb 1500’s battery.Wait twenty minutes or so.Reconnect this an unfavorable cable.

Still Need help Resetting Your check Engine Light?

New vehicles – heck, even some older people – feature facility computer equipment under the hood. Freedom DIYers can have some trouble diagnosing issues, then. Don’t worry – Lee"s Summit evade Chrysler Jeep Ram has actually your back. If girlfriend encounter ram 1500 organization issues top top your brand-new or supplied pickup truck, simply use ours schedule service kind to acquire started, or girlfriend can finish the “Contact Service” type directly below with any other business questions, like how to reset a flashing TPMS dash light. If you’re in ~ it, be certain to check out our current business specials to discover some of the ideal deals on maintain in the Blue Springs region.

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