Soldering iron and also a screwdriver can help finally revolve off your F-150 brake light.

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Do you have actually an 11th generation Ford F-150 through a brake light on the dash that never goes off? If so, you space not alone. This has proven to be a typical problem with the 2004 v 2008 half-ton Ford trucks, however the good news is that the settle is usually pretty simple.

In this do-it-yourself video from the Ask mine Auto Mechanic YouTube channel, host Brian Bassett walks us with the feasible reasons that your brake light never ever goes off, followed by showing how to conveniently fix the most usual culprit.


The Causes

As Bassett explains, there room a grasp of points that can cause the brake light in her F-150 to stay on all of the time. If your brake fluid levels are low, or if the brake liquid level sensor goes bad, the irradiate will remain on. If the parking brake on her truck is engaged, the light will certainly be on, however if the parking brake sensor walk bad, the brake irradiate will stay lit up. Over there could additionally be a wiring problem with one of two people of those sensors, but the most usual issue is actually through the gauge swarm itself.


There is a specific resistor ~ above the circuit plank of the cluster that can come loose and once it does, the brake irradiate will remain on every one of the time, even though every little thing else is work properly. To check and see if her truck is enduring from the circuit plank issue, you can remove the trim approximately the gauge cluster the wiggle the wiring hardness ~ above the upper-left corner. If wiggling that harness causes the brake light to walk on and also off, you have the resistor issue.


Tools Required

To do this straightforward fix on her Ford F-150, you will really only need two tools; a soldering iron and also a screwdriver. In the video, Bassett offers a trim-piece tool to remove the needles, however that no something the everyone has laying around, therefore anything that have the right to be offered to tenderness pry up on the gauge needles will certainly work.


Other 보다 that, you simply need a driver to eliminate the gauge swarm from the dash and also to remove the backing dashboard from the cluster circuit board.

The Fix

To deal with this problem with her F-150, you want to start by remove the gauge swarm from the car after removing the trim piece about the cluster.

Next, eliminate the clear plastic spanning the gauges themselves. This allows you to pop off the needles after making use of masking ice to note where the needles rest as soon as the car is off. This step is important in stimulate to maintain the accuracy of her gauges.


Once the needles have been removed, you have the right to remove the opaque plastic cover native the behind of the cluster, followed by popping the circuit plank away from the gauges. Through the circuit plank out, you can now find the problematic resistor.

The culprit top top the circuit plank is a resister top top the upper-left side, labeled 821. That is hard to see through the naked eye, however the soldering ~ above this resistor cracks and causes the problem. By including a tiny solder to each side of the resistor, the problem is solved.


From there, you placed the circuit board back into the swarm assembly, include the opaque rear cover, reinstall the gauge needles, snap the clean cover ago on and put the newly-repaired gauge cluster back into the dash of her Ford F-150.

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