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I was functioning on putting some tint on my 2010 Milan Premier, and also chose to take some pics so that others would certainly understand how to rerelocate the door panels for the 2010 design year.You"ll need a #20 Torx, a 7mm socket, together with the conventional "U"" blade door panel removal tool similar to what"s shown below:

First you"ll have to rerelocate the 4 exterior screws, 2 of which are covert. The first concealed screw is located where the door handle/door lock is. Simply remove the screw cover and use a #20 Torx to remove. Of the 3 #20 Torx screws, this is the shortest one.The second hidden screw is situated in the door panel arm rest, wbelow you grab to cshed the door (view #1 below). Rerelocate the bolt via a 7mm socket, lift the power window switch panel up, and slide it towards to rear of the automobile. Unplug 3 wiring plugs and also set aside.

Tbelow are two various other #20 Torx screws, one situated under the door panel, and also one situated towards the rear door jam.Once the #20 Torx screws over have actually been removed, making use of the door panel removal tool unclip the 9
door clips and closely remove the door panel.



Hi MP. :wavey: What Y2K said! I intended to commfinish you for the write up the various other day and also it slipped my little bit mind.And stickied it is! :yay:Good luck. :cheers:
Thanks Y2KFirehawk and also bbf2530 I"ll be making many type of even more write ups choose this in the future, hoping that it helps others :csweeney:
"Milan Premier" do you by any kind of possibility understand exactly how to remove the head unit on a 2010 fusion via the sony package without the navigation?
Should be basically the same as for the nav version. Basically the front panel comes off (screws and clips optimal and also bottom) and also then you remove the screws holding in the head unit. I"ll see if I deserve to find the detailed instructions for you, however it will take a couple of days...
Should be basically the exact same as for the nav version. Basically the front panel comes off (screws and clips height and bottom) and then you remove the screws holding in the head unit. I"ll watch if I have the right to discover the thorough instructions for you, however it will certainly take a couple of days...

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Oh okay give thanks to you so a lot. cause ive been looking around and also i cant seem to discover a detailed instructions to execute so...
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Thanks again for posting the instructions and pics. I"ve been driving around via a broken - however operable - door take care of for a number of months, and ultimately tackled this job. Got it done in about a half-hour. Now I do not need to host the handle in to lock the door. Didn"t have actually the tool for releasing the clips, just used gentle press to pull the panel ameans from the door. Only point absent is instructions for obtaining the screw cover off, beside the door lock button. I had actually a destructive time via it, and also it looks fairly a little bit worse for wear.
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