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I have an "AUX" button on the stereo of my 2007 Fusion SEL, however, I cannot find an auxilliary input. I know that"s supposed to be inside of the console but it"s not there ?
Yup, then you likely don"t have one. There isn"t an input in the 2006"s and I believe early built 2007"s. I have an 06" SEL and no AUX input, but I do have the button on the 6 Disc player. When I hit my AUX button the displays reads something like "No AUX Input"...If you"d want the input you would need to purchase a 3rd party Input device which vary in price depending on what you want...
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If you car is equipped, it should be in the center console with a USB plug input and an aux jack input. I use the aux button to switch from my I-pod that is plugged in the center console, too the sat radio.
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What I noticed in this car is that just because the radio has the button doesn"t mean the feature is there. I have phone buttons in my radio though I don"t have SYNC or any bluetooth module at all. Same thing with SIRIUS. Just seems much cheaper for Ford to make just one radio pattern for all Fusions.

I know this is 10 or so days old but, i have an 07 SEL that was equipped with the AUX input and button on my stereo. However, when i plugged my ipod in and then pushed the AUX button, nothing happened. I turned up the radio and could just hear a low hum noise. My ipod was playing but no sound came out of the car stereo. I called Ford and have an appointment set up for tomorrow. From what i understand, my car has the capabilities but it seems to be improperly wired.

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About a year and a half ago i had to get new carpet and they pretty much gutted the car to get the new carpet in. So im guessing, they forgot to reconnect the wires somewhere between the radio and input jack. This is off topic, but the reason why i had to get new carpet. . .I had to get new carpet because i was driving on the highway at about 80 mph when one of those crowbars fell off an 18 wheeler in front of me. As the crowbar came bouncing towards me at 80 mph, i was boxed in and had no where to go :eek4: so...i did what i had to do and ran over it. It came up through the floor of my passenger side. Well, almost came through, a thin metal sheet kept it from killing my passenger that day. After all that, i drove it to then nearest dealership and had everything inspected. Everything worked fine, except i had a big hole in my passenger floorboard. Thus leading to the new carpet (insurance covered).
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