When Infiniti introduced the G35 sedan because that 2003, it to be something of one undefined quantity with an unremarkable pedigree. That was plainly a do or rest product for Nissan’s struggling Infiniti brand. Well, the G35 ended Infiniti’s struggle quickly gaining ground as a optimal notch sporting activities sedan, and a significant rival come the BMW’s 3-series. Now, only four years later, a totally revamped G35 is top top the prowl, and its time because that those compare to begin again.

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Building a vehicle that deserve to stand as much as BMW’s formidable 3-Series is extremely difficult; but Infiniti designers have proven that they have the right to do it. Like the original, the now wider, longer, and taller G35 is built on the 350Z’s rear-drive FM-platform. Completed updated, it’s 40% stiffer than before. Wheelbase is unmodified at 112.2-inches; 3 1/2-inches longer than a 3-Series.

The multi-link aluminum extensive suspension has been retuned, with added upgrades because that Sport. It’s accessible with Infiniti’s Four-Wheel energetic Steer system, which transforms the rear suspension geometry to complement speed and steering input. Seventeen-inch alloy wheels are standard. Eighteen-inchers room available, and standard v Sport trim prefer our check car.

Power is up nicely, with the 3.5-liter dual-cam V6 currently delivering 306 horsepower and also 268 pound-feet of torque. That’s likewise 6 ponies more, yet 32 pound-feet less, than the new 2007 3-Series 3.0-liter twin-turbo Inline-6. G35 gearboxes space a conventional 5-speed automatic, with optional manual paddle shifters. Go for the Sport and also you can opt because that a 6-speed manual.

Our Sport, however, came through the automatic, and also it tho ran very well; 0 to 60 in 5.7 seconds. That’s a fifty percent second much faster than the initial G35. The 4 minutes 1 mile clocked in ~ an also very fine 14.2 secs at 101 miles-per-hour.

The G35 jumps turn off the line, the refined V6 rotate freely. Pull is healthy throughout the power band, with the Sport’s restricted slip diff ensuring an excellent power placed down. Every shifts, auto or manual-mode, are sharp and clean. And also the dual exhaust has actually a nice, aggressive note.

The G35’s beefed-up chassis and suspension to be worth it. The currently excellent managing is upgraded further. Our sports turned in faster, with simply a touch of front plow. When the speed-sensitive steering doesn’t have BMW’s feedback, as whole the chassis is fine balanced, with little roll. So, when not rather as sharp together a 3-Series, the G35 is fantastic handling sedan.

Brakes are a close match too, 60 to 0 in 126 feet. When the pedal is spongy, with standard ABS and also stability control, stops were very solid. As to our Sport’s ride, like a Euro-style sport sedan that is firm but never rough. The standard car is similar but v a little less bump harshness.

As before, buyers can likewise opt for full-time all-wheel-drive, v the G35X model. Government fuel economic situation ratings room 19 city/26 highway. Our check of 22 miles-per-gallon on premium class gas was about as expected.

The G35 looks good as well, v sleek, muscular, evolutionary styling. The sleep gets a new knife sheet grille, bolder lower fascia, and more expressive, HID lamps. Turning adaptive headlights space available. The windscreen is an ext sharply raked, and also the higher flanks feature broader wheel arches.

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Inside, the look at is clean, beautifully organized, and nearly opulent. However lacks the distinctive, familiar character that its German rivals. However, and also thankfully, over there is nothing the resembles BMW’s iDrive. Security features include front side influence airbags, and side curtain airbags for every outboard seats.

The 7-inch shade monitor offer the optional navigating system and also back-up camera. And also the standard audio device with in-dash CD changer and also either XM or Sirius satellite radio. The rear seat uses plenty the head room, but typical the a driver’s car, is a tiny tight ~ above the legs. The comfortable bench does not fold, yet has a pass-through because that skis. Trunk room is a really respectable 13.5 cubic-feet.

Pricing because that the 2007 Infiniti G35 sedan to be not available as we checked out tape, however expect base sticker labels to begin at around $32,000, and top out at about $35,000. Offered its equipment and power, that will proceed to be a worth leader compared to the 3-Series.

The Infiniti G35 has actually gone native an unknown quantity, to a civilization class four-door, in practically record time. And also while it might not however convince numerous BMW fans to give up their auto keys, it will certainly convince anyone that drives it that the Infiniti brand is now a ideal bet as soon as shopping because that a severe sport sedan.