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Just purchase a 2008 Jeep cool Cherokee, 3.0, restricted edition. The door sticker states 6150lbs gvwr. (Seeing some write-ups claim 7200lbs though?)How do I understand if I have a tow package?Did part models from the year, *not* come through a tow package?What is contained in a tow package?If ns don"t have one, then would towing about 5000lbs be out of the question?I don"t have actually the tow switch on mine dash (does anyone?) and the ahead owner set up a hitch.Thank you in advance.

Hello CanadianJeeper,I additionally have a 2008 Jeep grand Cherokee restricted and love it. Together usual, the tow package was an alternative for the 2008"s, and also I decided this option. It was just a $255 adder for my build due to the fact that my build also included the diesel 3.0 CRD ($3,700 adder) and also the QuadraDrive II 4x4 team ($795 adder). The diesel option also gets you the 3.73 equipment ratio axle and 5 speed transmission, however not the same 5-speed transmission as the 4.7L and also 5.7L. From the manual:The 3.0- liter CRD engine is mated come the W5J400 five-speed automatically transmission. The 4.7-liter V-8 and the 5.7-liter hem V-8 engines space mated to the 545RFE five-speed automatically transmission. The W5J400 and the W5A580 have been sleek for higher-quality move while providing Grand Cherokee class-leading towing volume of 7,400.On vehicles equipped through 4.7L or 5.7L engines, usage of ERS (or Tow/Haul mode) also allows a additional underdrive gear which is not typically used during through-gear accelerations. This extr grade improves vehicle performance and cooling capability when towing a trailer on specific grades. In ERS setting (on every transmissions), 1st through third gear room underdrive gears and 4th gear is straight drive. ERS 5th gear (Overdrive) is the same as the normal 4th gear.I carry out not have a TOW/HAUL mode button. I think the TOW/HAUL button was only for the 4.7L and also 5.7L engines and also it prevents frequent downshifting by disabling the overdrive gear under many driving conditions. Ns will twin check this night and likewise look and also see what my sticker on the journey door says around GVWR. Be careful due to the fact that the GVWR only comes to total permissible load of your car including driver. Friend are most likely interested in the Gross mix Weight Rating (GCWR) which i don"t think is included on the sticker.From the manual:Gross automobile Weight Rating (GVWR)The GVWR is the complete permissible weight of your auto including driver, passengers, vehicle, options, trailer tongue weight, and also cargo. The label likewise specifies best capacities of front and also rear axle solution (GAWR).Total load must be limited so GVWR and front and also rear GAWR room not exceeded.If you have the diesel, climate you deserve to assume you have actually the beefed increase drivetrain.The hand-operated states the the 2WD diesels are rated for 7400 lbs. Max trailer weight and the 4WD diesels are rated at 7200 lbs. Maximum trailer weight. These values are the same for the 5.7L engine. I would certainly guess that 5000 pounds must be no difficulty for your diesel, yet you should be sure to understand exactly how weight circulation is an extremely important and use the appropriate setup. The 3.0 CRD 4x4 room rated for a max tongue weight of 720 lbs. You also have to take into consideration having good tires and Weight Distributing Hitch setup. Indigenous the manual:Maximum Trailer load = GCWR - Curb Wt. - 150 lbs. (allowance for driver) and must be diminished by the load of optional equipment, trailer hitch, cargo and also passengers. Maximum trailer weights presented are rounded to the nearest 50 lbs. Tongue weight must be 10-15% of loaded trailer weight yet may not cause automobile to exceed GVWR or GAWR. Fill equalizing hitch recommended for trailers end 2,000 pounds.The just thing yes, really noticeable ~ above my automobile is the frame mounted trailer hitch (Class IV - Extra hefty Duty). The Trailer Tow Group, course IV choice includes: Frame-mounted hitch receiver with cover and wiring connector with adapter.

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