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Hello there, have actually a 2008 Chevy Silverado 1500 4.8L V8 Z-71, i have actually low horn but my HIGH horn simply took a poop! trying to find out whereby the HIGH horn is located on my truck before i go and also start taking points apart,,,, I understand that the short horn is on the passenger next below and behind the headlight,,, where is the high horn located, some say it"s with the short horn and some to speak it"s on motorists side below the washer liquid jug! Any assist would be appreciated, thanks Jay.......
I constantly thought castle were situated together or really close..I say just rip em out and also put some train horns on her there a method u can trace the wires indigenous the low horn to the high horn..they have to be tied with each other somehow.

I have a 2007 silverado (New body) and wondering the samething.So is it situated on both sides together everyone says? my horn stopped working after ~ the last rainy season. Ns guess it was doused through too lot water if splashing aroud.Anyway now its completly gone, does anyone have any ideas? now not sure if ns should just replace them or what. Yet I guess i really should inspect the fuses very first before I do anythig.Thanks in advance.

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Pictureman,I recommend check the fuses very first also. If this doesn"t exactly your worry then ns recommend contacting your dealer. If friend would prefer my help please feel free to let me know.Thank you,TinaGM client Service

The horn the you are looking for is below the headlight, and in prior of the washer liquid bottle on the chauffeurs side. A real PITA to obtain to.
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I require the exact same help!!!! mine horn have actually been "warbling" because that months and finally stopped fully two work ago. Yesterday i removed the fuse, sent out power come both sides of whereby the fuse(not knowing which side checked out the horns, which side was from the relay) would certainly be to activate the horns. Nothing happened. This would certainly tell me the horns are out. Qould someone you re welcome validaye my thoughts, and also then call me WHERE room the horns located? Thanls
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