Key PointsThe pieces holding Nissan time chains in ar are subject to beforehand failureA loosened timing chain can cause rattling inside the engine or problem accelerating. At some point it"ll damage the engine.There space a wide array that class-actions search reimbursements for Nissan owners.

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Every internal combustion engine has actually a timing chain or belt. It’s in the front of the engine attached come a collection of gears and pulleys that power contents like the crankshaft and camshaft.

A correctly tensioned chain is an important to preserving the timing in between the pistons and also the valves. As soon as timing chains loosen it leads to engine rattles, concerns with misfiring, problems speeding up and – ultimately – bending valves or rods and also catastrophic engine failure.

Timing chains normally have a great lifespan, however like anything it"s not unexplained for them to stretch and eventually must be changed (hopefully before they execute too lot damage).

Nissan time Chain problems ∞

Certain Nissan vehicles are acquiring a call for early problems in the time chain system, including problems with the chain tensioners, guides, and shoes.

Some have said that a manufacturing defect developed timing chains through sharper edges that rapidly saw through their guides. Rather say the chains are weak and also prone come stretching.

Early Warning indicators in a JUKE organization Campaign ∞

In might 2014, Nissan issued a timing chain company campaign for 104,000 JUKE subcompacts. The automaker wouldn"t call it a recall, however, since they said they "caught it" before it came to be a safety concern.

As part of the campaign every 2011-2013 owner affected got a brand-new chain guide, crank sprocket, and also timing chain.

Owners without JUKES have actually taken their worries to the courts. Multiple lawsuits have actually pointed to previous Technical company Bulletins (TSB) as evidence that Nissan knows about the defect, yet refuses to inform owners or worry a recall.

Class-Action leads to Reimbursements for occupants of CA and also WA ∞

In Kobe Falco v. Nissan north America, the plaintiff declared that Nissan violated the law by concealing a recognized safety defect in the time chain system. The sue sought damages for owners in California and Washington state.

Nissan admitted their timing chains are loud, yet not unsafe. They suggested that there"s no covert defect or proof that such a defect would certainly make the car unsafe come drive. What lock fail to cite is just how those loose timing chains can suddenly become engine-killing busted time chains.

Despite Nissan’s defense, a California referee certified the fit anyway.

"“Here, the Court finds that Plaintiffs have actually sufficiently alleged typical damages formulas because that the three classes. The class vehicles room alleged to have actually a common defect the the California Statutory and Washington class all had repaired, therefore spending money the they would certainly not have needed to spend had Nissan one of two people disclosed the defect or repaired itself. Thus, return of the average expense of repair would provide restitution to these course members because they have already spent the money to repair or diagnose their vehicles."

Certification is the frequently referred to together "the most essential step" since a judge deserve to use their discretion come dismiss a case, even if every the legit T"s space crossed and also I"s dotted. That basically method the referee thinks the case holds merit, and can continue in court.

Settlement provides reimbursements because that previous repair ∞

A settlement was reached in December 2017, v Nissan offering reimbursement options to particular owners.

Under the settlement, influenced owners and also lessees are entitled to partial reimbursement because that money invested in link with the diagnosis of, fix to, or replacement of the primary or secondary timing chain solution or components. Alternatively, those owners and lessees might receive a voucher to be offered toward the purchase of a new Nissan vehicle.

The negotiation covers:

2004-2008 Nissan Maxima2004-2009 Nissan Quest2004-2006 Nissan Altima (VQ35 engine)2005-2007 Nissan Pathfinder2005-2007 Nissan Xterra2005-2007 Nissan Frontier (VQ40 engine)

Reimbursement percentages are based on the purpose of use of the automobile at the time of repair, up to 120,000 mile (see how it breaks down).

Why 120,000 miles? An interesting nugget discovered in the court records shows Nissan saying that 120,000 mile is the “full life expectancy” of your vehicles.

Class-Action for occupants of NY, FL, MD, and also NJ ∞

The first timing chain lawsuit was filed in the Eastern ar of new York. The class-action is titled Vincent Chiarelli, Philip Dragonetti, Michele Maszon, Todd Maszon and Chris Santimauro vs. Nissan north America Inc. And Nissan motor Co., Ltd. (doesn"t really roll off the tongue, eh?)

The lawsuit insurance claims that Nissan has actually known about the defects because 2004 and references a Technical organization Bulletin (TSB) that Nissan sent out to that is dealers regarding "buzzing and whining noises" from the time chain.

As part of the TSB, dealers were told to offer "goodwill adjustments" to owners, but only those that especially asked for it. And while TSBs are usually just intended together instructions because that mechanics, it feels slimy to hear the Nissan wants to do sure any kind of complaints are faced quietly.

The vehicles pointed out in the lawsuit incorporate some that Nissan"s most popular models:

2004–2006 Nissan Altima (with VQ35 engine)2004–2009 Nissan Quest2004–2008 Nissan Maxima2005–2010 Nissan Frontier (with VQ40 engine)2005–2010 Nissan Xterra2005–2010 Nissan Pathfinder

The lawsuit covers every current and former Nissan owners and lessees in brand-new York, Florida, Maryland and brand-new Jersey. It could later be expanded and also it’s seeking a permanent fix for all influenced owners.

Lawsuits about This Problem

Lawsuits about this problem have already been filed in court. Numerous times these room class-action suits the look come cover a team of owners in a certain area. Click the lawsuit for much more information and also to watch if you"re eligible come receive any potential settlements.


Duncan, et al., v. Nissan north American, Inc., etal.

ClassVehicles2004-2006 Altima2005-2010 Frontier2004-2008 Maxima2004-2009 Quest2005-2010 Pathfinder2005-2010 XterraLocationMassachusettsSettlement

Vincent Chiarelli, et al. Vs. Nissan phibìc America Inc. And also Nissan engine Co.,Ltd.

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ClassVehicles2004-2006 Altima (with 2 VQ35 engine)2005-2010 Frontier (with VQ40 engine)2004-2008 Maxima2004-2009 Quest2005-2010 Pathfinder2005-2010 XterraClassMembersResidents of new York or Florida or Maryland or new JerseyLocationNew YorkSettlement

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