Selecting an automatically transmission fluid (ATF) because that a SUBARU (or any other automatically transmission) is fairly easy...if you monitor the best process!

Use this Subaru ATF application guide to quickly uncover the ideal ATF and other commodities for her Subaru. If you currently know what form of automatic transmission your Subaru has, climate you can find it in the list below.

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Or examine your SUBARUowner's hand-operated to see fluid typeis specified. Watch list the Subaru automatically transmissions.

Subaru CVT fluid

The Subaru Lineartronic® CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) is provided in the Subaru Legacy, Outback and other models from around model year 2014 top top up.

Amsoil CVT fluid is completely synthetic.

To replace the fluid requires remove the drain plug (allen keyed) top top the pan, draining the end the fluid, and putting the plug back in. Replacing the filter calls for removing the pan. The pan needs a sealant such together red RTV. Refilling is achieved via the fill plug close to the ago of the transmission.The Lineartronic version TR580/VTF23 is typically on the 2.5i engines. The takes about 12 quarts total.The high torque variation is the Lineartronic TR690/VTF22. The is uncovered with the bigger Subaru 3.6L engine or turbocharged engines. That takes around 13.4 quarts.


SUBARU 5EAT with Sportshift

The 5EAT was supplied on some Legacy, Outback, Tribeca and Forester sporting activities models beginning around 2005.

5-speed Electronically regulated Automatic Transmission) artificial Multi-Vehicle automatic Transmission fluid is a great choice. It prices a bit much less than the Signature series ATF. Some various other ATF choices with caveats are listed later in this article.

The 5EAT TG5C7 was based upon the Jatco JR507E. That takes about 10.4 quarts total. Note that includes the talk converter. It has actually an exterior spin ~ above filter. This filters were a great choice by Subaru because they record clutch product shreddings before they have actually a chance to plug up the cooler and cause infection overheating.

Up to about model year 2005, SUBARU automatically transmissions used Dexron II/III/IIIE

Generally because that Subaru's v the 4EAT (4-speed Electronically managed Automatic Transmission) increase to approximately model year 2005, Dexron II/IIE or III to be specified. However, some time ago GM quit renewing licenses to oil blenders for the era Dexron. So the ATF you buy could not specifically list Dexron II/IIE or III ~ above the former of the bottle, however may to speak something top top the back about 'also because that applications previously calling for Dexron III'. AMSOIL provides two fabricated ATF's recommended for this application, a artificial ATF and a fuel efficient fabricated ATF. Mobil, Redlineand countless other ATF blenders have comparable multi-vehicle ATF commodities available.

Can I usage Dexron by means of in mine Subaru Transmission?

Like numerous automotive lubricants, Dexron VI insurance claims to it is in backwards compatible v the larger Dexron


III and similar fluids. However, that does no necessarily follow the it is the best product because that those applications.

A major push in automotive lubricants is efficiency. However, the lubricant must still protect versus excessive wear. Dexron VI tends to it is in thinner than the older Dexron specifications. The lower viscosity may help reduce pumping and also other losses because that the transmission. An example of a Dexron by means of compatible liquid is Amsoil ATL.

Starting about model year 2005, SUBARU automatically transmissions started to point out Subaru-Idemitsu ATF-HP


Subaru's from roughly 2005 top top up, specifically those with the 5EAT may speak to for Subaru-Idemitsu HP ATF. There have actually been reports that shudder and strange changing patterns particularly in the 5EAT's once the wrong ATF type is used. (Generally the odd moving is led to by different dynamic frictional characteristics; especially if the liquid used has less friction change than the specified fluid. This truth can do the clutch friction materials in the infection 'grabby' and cause other issues).

The part variety of SUBARU ATF-HP by Idemitsu is SOA868V9241. The is also easily accessible in a case of twelve U.S. Quarts with part number SOA635040.

AMSOIL offers a fabricated automatic transmission liquid recommended because that SUBARU ATF and also SUBARU ATF-HP applications.

These automatic infection fluids save anti-wear/extreme-pressure agents to (extend equipment life). Castle have sturdy friction amendment to aid prevent shudder throughout shifting. Anti-oxidants prolong the fluid life. Seal air conditioning reduce fluid leaks. Detergents and dispersants store the transmission clean clean and control deposits. Corrosion inhibitors control rust ~ above the transmission internal parts. Click right here to read more.

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You can check exactly what lubricants your specific year and also model Subaru needs in the applications guide. Or you can download the catalog.

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