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The owner\"s manual says 21 gallons.The door trim label says 21 gallons.Honda\"s website claims 21 gallons.Third party websites say 21 gallons.The fuel pump on one i95 departure after running completely out of gas said 19.1 gallons. WTF! I have an UltraGauge, and it was gaining a report of 1 gallon over the OBD II port, and also a report that the tank level being at 10%. (Luck would have actually it, momentum lugged me native halfway under the exit ramp to in ~ 5 feet in ~ the nearest gas station)Anyone else ever look into or inquiry the genuine size the the gas tank?


the gas low lamp should have actually came on means before this... This have to be roughly 18 gallons, at the very least this is what i have uncovered on mine 05. However yes, that goes down rapid after this light comes on, i did not make it come the station 1 time.
I think it come on about 5 exits prior. Probably 40-50 miles? in ~ 85mph, the tank emptied quickly. Yet I\"m simply wondering why it only took 19 gallons to fill completely from fully empty.

The fuel spreads slim in the tank, the fuel pump i do not know reach it as soon as its spread out that thin, and also lets not forget the fuel keeps moving around the tank every the time, the fuel pump alone will never empty that tank, there will always be part gallons left the the fuel pump can\"t reach depending on each car fuel tank design...

I think it come on about 5 exit prior. Maybe 40-50 miles? at 85mph, the tank emptied quickly. But I\"m just wondering why it just took 19 gallons come fill fully from totally empty.

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, if the van is fully level while filling, however tilted a tiny towards the driver\"s side....I\"ve noticed that this outcomes in taking less fuel ~ above board, and we\"ve owned 3 Odysseys. I have actually a favorite pump that permits a very, an extremely slight sleep down perspective when parked alongside it, and also with a slim tilt in the direction of the passenger side...and bonus, it\"s Conoco Philips top-tier fuel v no ethanol trash. Ns can acquire a comprehensive fill-up, and can then dribble ~ above a couple gallons extra.Drove native SW yes sir clean across the state to phibìc of Tulsa after one of these \"uber fills\" that gas, drive up and down the local cities for shopping and also a swim meet, then almost made it back...chickened out around 50 mile from home. Virtually made 600 miles on that tank. In short, exactly how the valve is parked can make a noticeable difference in just how much fuel the minivan will take ~ above board.OF
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