For upgrades, or repairs, check out this 1A Auto video to learn how to eliminate or replace the door panel on her 03-08 Toyota Corolla.

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Pry off the triangle winter panel. Use a rag and a screwdriver and also pry increase the armrest and switch panel. Unplug the wiring harness. Use a Phillips driver to unscrew the 3 mounting screws in the door panel. Pry off the door panel v a rag and also putty knife.
Clip the door panel. Screw in the 3 Phillips screws. Plug in the wiring exploit to the move panel and clip the down. Clip under the arm rest. Put the triangle side winter panel earlier on.

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Tools required for replacement

general Tools

Putty Knife

Materials, Fluids, and also Supplies

Cloth Rags

Screwdrivers & related

Phillips Head Screwdriver

Flat tongue Screwdriver

Brought to you through your resource for quality replacement parts and also the finest service on the internet.Hi I"m Mike Green. I"m among the owners of 1A Auto. I want to help you save time and also money repairing and maintaining her vehicle. I"m walking to use my twenty plus years of experience restoring and also repairing cars and also trucks like this to display you the correct means to install parts from 1a The best parts mounted correctly, that"s going to conserve you time and money. Say thanks to you and enjoy the video.In this video clip we"ll show you just how to remove and also install a door dashboard on this 07 Toyota Corolla. Very same as any kind of 03-08 Corolla. Removing the door panel enables you come fix home window regulators, door handles, mirrors things favor that. Tools you"ll need: flat blade screwdrivers both medium and small, Phillips screwdrivers, a ten millimeter socket with ratchet and also extension for most of the project inside the door. Then a putty knife or door panel clip tool.Take the tool screwdriver and also a rag and you type of traction on this trim panel here. Get the screwdriver down and also behind and it comes out. Then you desire to switch over to the smaller screwdriver. There"s a little door right here in your door manage that exposes a little Philips head screwdriver and also then you"re going pull off, again use your rag to protect your plastic and what not. Sort of put the screwdriver under there and also pull up the arm remainder base or pad. Okay and also then your switch panel come up the same way. Okay, currently there"s buttons. Unplug your switches and also now your switch dashboard is off. Currently you want to usage a Phillips screwdriver. Okay then as soon as those screws are gotten rid of take your rag again and a putty knife and you want to walk down about the bottom.Okay, this part goes bottom first. Slips in. Okay, plug in your door locks. Plug in your window, offer it a try. Okay. Simply trying the stereo, I deserve to hear the tweeter, I can hear the speaker. That goes back down in. You"re every done. We"ll clean up the window and you"re every set.Brought to you by your source for top quality replacement parts and service top top the internet. Feel free to contact us toll free 888-844-3393. The agency that"s right here for girlfriend on the internet and in person. Say thanks to you.