The Ford F-150 cabin waiting filter is situated behind the glove compartment within the truck.

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The gloves box have to be removed from its location in order to accessibility the filter.

There are two species of replacement cabin air filter to use on a vehicle. A traditional filter uses a particulate type of foam which helps protect against pollen entering the vehicle. The other choice to think about is the charcoal layered filter. The charcoal layered filter help protect versus heavier odors and also is typically used in highly polluted areas.

Air filter instead of is a common maintenance procedure that is required to be done every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. The instructions listed below explain how to change a cabin filter ~ above a Ford F-150 pick-up truck.

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Locate the filter

The filter is situated in the passenger next behind the gloves box top top the Ford F-150. The location may adjust on models created after 2014.Remove the gloves box

Loosen the screws that room holding the gloves box in place and also remove them. Then continue to traction the gloves box outwards.Access the air box

Take personal the wait box and remove the old waiting filter.Replace the filter

Inspect the new filter and also make sure it is put on the correct side. Download the new filter, nearby the air box and also mount the glove compartment.
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