“21 guns” look at Whatshername advice Johnny no to give up on his dreams and fall additional into addiction. The extraordinary Girl help Tunny pertained to terms v his war injuries… read More 

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Do you understand what's precious fighting for?When it's not worth dying for?Does the take her breath awayAnd you feel yourself suffocating?Does the pain weigh out the pride?And you look for a place to hideDid who break your heart inside?You're in ruinsOne, 21 gunsLay under your arms, give up the fightOne, 21 gunsThrow up her arms into the skyYou and IWhen you're at the end of the roadAnd you shed all sense of controlAnd her thoughts have actually taken your tollWhen your mind breaks the spirit of your soul
Your confidence walks on damaged glassAnd the hangover doesn't passNothing's ever constructed to lastYou're in ruinsYou're in ruinsOne, 21 gunsLay down your arms, offer up the fightOne, 21 gunsThrow up your arms into the sky, you and also I(Did you?) did you try to live on her own(When you-) as soon as you shed down the house and home?(Did you?) Did friend stand also close come the fireLike a liar searching for forgiveness from a stone?When it's time to live and let dieAnd you can't get one more trySomething inside this heart has actually diedYou're in ruins
You're in ruins!One, 21 gunsLay under your arms, provide up the fightOne, 21 gunsThrow up her arms right into the skyOne, 21 gunsLay under your arms, give up the fightOne, 21 gunsThrow up your arms right into the sky, you and also I*Nobody likes you, everyone left you, they're all the end without you having fun.*
“21 guns” sees Whatshername urge Johnny not to provide up top top his dreams and also fall more into addiction. The especially Girl help Tunny come to terms v his war injuries and Heather and Will look in the direction of their futures.


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