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I constantly wondered just how those would certainly look on my old second gen. Castle resemble the rally wheel of that era. Sent out from my LGLS740 utilizing Camaro Zone mobile app

If you want that look at I can send you my spare tire cheap. Sent out from my Z796C making use of Camaro Zone mobile app
98 z28 artic white. Ls1, auto, free mods, slp lid, ¡egr, ¡air, ls6 intake manifold, walbro 255lph fuel pump, ceramic coated pacesetter longtube headers, pacesetter ory, magnaflow catback, 4.10:1 gears. 9.03 1/8th mile with manufacturing facility 2.73s and also 30psi fuel pressure.02 firebird sunset orange metallic. V6, auto, slp lid, zzp tubing, port matched upper and lower intake manifolds.98 z28 build thread.

Maybe on our 2nd gens they would look "ok" but you couldn"t pay me to drive about with those top top a third or 4th gen.
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I would wait till you uncover another set of wheels. I have seen set of vette wheels walk for really cheap sent from my LGLS740 utilizing Camaro Zone cell phone app
And what size are castle that renders them "staggered"? It"s never stated in the ad. It looks favor the owner simply put at the very least 2 different tires ~ above them.
I"m reasonably positive those (base) rims don"t come v a staggered option. Choose Superman said the owner probably just put wider tires on the back than the front.
You would certainly be much better off finding a set of C5 Vette wheels because that a staggered option. Civilization sell them because that cheap. Ns paid 500 because that mine and they had brand brand-new tires ~ above them.
You would be better off detect a set of C5 Vette wheels because that a staggered option. People sell them because that cheap. I paid 500 for mine and also they had brand brand-new tires top top them.
My 98 Camaro has actually aftermarket wheels produced the fifth gen Camaro and they fit mine 98 Camaro like they were created it.

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