You have 24 hours complete the following: jerk off, run miles, drink beers, and also eat donuts. You can select which amount for i m sorry activity, but you must do one of each (i.e. Run 6 miles, JO 12 times, drink 18 beers, eat 24 donuts).

Can you carry out it? have actually you done it??? What"s your order?

Also, this is an open difficulty to NJT to complete this in the following 24 hours. You deserve to drink O"Douls if you"d like.

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Is it also physically feasible to JO 12 times in a day? ns feel favor your nuts would certainly just give up after a while.


No puking either. I did it in December 2015 through 6 miles, 12 JO’s, 18 donuts, and also 24 beers. The was actually pretty basic for me and also my two friends (we were 21 and in college)


6 JO12 Miles18 Beers24 Donuts

You eat prefer 6 donuts an hour or two before you operation to fill her stomach, operation 12 miles genuine slow and just under a bear every mile. That"s one olympic sports or miscellaneous so the can"t be that hard. Once you finish, you"re already gonna puke big time, therefore may too cram a numerous donuts in together you can before it comes up.


I can do it, but I"d absolutely have to make the running 6 miles, so the 12 JO sessions would be brutal later on in the day.

At this allude in my life if ns drank 6 beers, I"d be completely useless to carry out anything rather the remainder of the day.

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Your researchers were so preoccupied v whether castle could, they never ever stopped come think if lock should.

probably wouldn"t it is in that hard to do

I would begin the 24 hour clock in the evening, ~ above a really empty stomach. JO#1 and down possibly 5 donuts and also maybe 5 beers right away, favor the first hour. Climate repeat prior to going to bed. Wake up beforehand like 5 AM, JO and then run, maybe gain in favor 6 miles easy. Then get back and lb donuts and beers, JO in the shower, you"re virtually there currently and it"s prefer 8 AM

This is a little unfair come the owg’s, only method they’re continuing to be stiff long sufficient to jerk off 6/12 times is with Rigor MortisI’ll be below all week fellas

Are us talking about those tiny donuts? ns don’t see exactly how you could possibly eat 24 full size donuts.

For me ns would have to do 6 mile run, 12 JOs, 18 beers and also 24 small donuts.

I don"t recognize that I can do this nowadays but the just version I check out myself having a shot at is JO, Miles, Donuts, Beers. I think I can have completed a few different configurations in college.

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