Calculate Area

Area of a one in regards to radius:

Area= π·r2= 3.14·42= 50.27 square feet(*)

Area of a circle in regards to diameter:

Area= π·(d2)2= 3.14·(82)2= 3.14·(4)2= 50.27 square feet(*)

Area of a one in regards to circumference:

Area= C24π= 25.1324π= 631.52(4·3.14)= 631.5212.56= 50.27 square feet(*)

(*) 50.265482457437 feet, exactly or restricted to the precision of this calculator (13 decimal places).

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Note: for simplicity, the operations over were rounded come 2 decimal places and also π was rounded to 3.14.

Result in other units of area:

A circle of radius = 4 or diameter = 8 or circumference = 25.13 feet has actually an area of:

4.67024E-6 square kilometers (km²)4.67024 square meter (m²)46702.4 square centimeters (cm²)4670240 square millimeters (mm²)1.80319E-6 square mile (mi²)5.58556 square yards (yd²)50.27 square feet (ft²)7238.88 square customs (in²)

Use the this one area calculator below to discover the area the a circle given its diameter, or other parameters. To calculation the area, you simply need to go into a optimistic numeric worth in among the 3 fields of the calculator. Friend can additionally see at the bottom that the calculator, the step-by-step solution.

Formula for area that a circle

Here a three ways to find the area that a circle (formulas):

Circle area formula in regards to radius

A = πr2

Circle area formula in regards to diameter

A = π(d2)2

Circle area formula in terms of circumference

A = C24π

See listed below some meanings related to the formulas:


Circumference is the direct distance roughly the one edge.


The radius the a circle is any of the line segments from its center to that perimeter. The radius is fifty percent the diameter or r = d2.

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The diameter of a one is any kind of straight heat segment that passes v the center of the circle and whose endpoints lied on the circle. The diameter is twice the radius or d = 2·r.

The Greek letter π


If you input the radius in centimeters, friend will gain the price in square centimeters (cm²), if in inches, will obtain the answer in square customs (in²) and also so top top ...