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I have a "97 3500 4x4 i beg your pardon I require to readjust the prior bearing\hub assembly on. The one point I am having a trouble with is the size of socket forced for the axle nut. After doing a search throughout the forum, I have actually come throughout the same concern several times, but for different vehicles (1500 and 2500) and with different answers (1 11/16 and also 1 3/4).Does anybody know the correct dimension socket forced for the prior axle nut on a "97 3500?
For some reason, ns think the seed is bigger than that. My collection goes up to 1 3/4, and I remember having to track under a bigger socket because that my buddies 96 1 ton. Don"t quote me on that, I could be wrong, it might have to be a size I had actually lost. Sorry ns can"t it is in of more help come you.
97 ram 2500 CTD Ext Cab LB, 4x4, 5 speed, 3.55s #100 plate, ISSPRO pyrometer/50 psi rise gauge, AFE stage 2 pro Dry, Valair Con OFE, DDP 2"s, 15* timing, HTT Manifold, B-1 turbo​
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